August 12, 2020  
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Looking to improve your entrepreneurial knowledge? We highlight some good business books for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Good Business Books

  • Wealth Creation for Small Business Owners - There's a clear path to entrepreneurial riches. Those who know the secrets do great. Those who don't often leave money on the table. This book offers a roadmap to personal wealth for anybody who owns a business.
  • Denial by Richard S. Tedlow - Business books, like movies, are often hit or miss. If you are looking for business books worth reading, here's a great read for you.
  • Family Wealth Transition Planning - Seasoned professionals Bonnie Brown Hartley and Gwendolyn Griffith offer an excellent methodology for designing family business transition plans.
  • Book Review: The Accidental Startup - We review an excellent new book for would-be entrepreneurs. Despite the bad economy, this is the right time to start a business. This book offers a roadmap to doing it right!
  • Book Review: Problem Solving 101 - Staff writer Anna Gaebler reviews Ken Watanabe's book, Problem Solving 101. Written in simple terms for children, it is a must-read for any child or adult who finds that they are not achieving their goals. This is a great gift for young people in your life whom you wish to put on the path to success and sensible thinking.
  • Six Pixels of Separation - A new book by Mitch Joel is the perfect primer for business owners who are trying to understand how to use the Web and all of its new digital opportunities to grow their companies.

  • Contrasts Between 2 Popular Marketing E-books - For Network marketers e-books and training programs can prove invaluable. Here we compare two of the most popular NM bibles.
  • Book Review: The One Page Business Plan - Within the pages of this ingenious book, author and entrepreneur Jim Horan reduces the chore of formulating a business plan to the elegant simplicity of a single page.
  • Beating the Bailout Blues - Here's a great book for business owners who are trying to figure out how to get through the current economic downturn. Rosalind Resnick offers some great advice in this excellent book.
  • Escape From Cublicle Nation Book Review - If you want to become an entrepreneur and only plan on buying one book, we recommend Escape from Cubicle Nation. It covers not only the emotional issues associated with leaving corporate life but also the nuts and bolts of launching a business.
  • Stick To The Classic Business Books - Every week a new business book promising the secrets to success makes its way to the best sellers list, however many of these books suffer from the Halo Effect and are nothing more than a good story. Rather than trying to keep up with today’s best sellers list, stick to reading the classic business books that created the fundamentals that many business books are based on today.
  • Young Guns by Robert Tuchman - Robert Tuchman's newest book offers great advice on how to start a business venture. If you are looking for a good book to buy for a new entrepreneur, this one should absolutely make your short list.
  • The Obvious Solutions - The search for solutions to our everyday problems, both personal and professional can be clouded by the complicated means in which we try to analyze and solve our problems. More often than not, the answers to our problems are quite obvious, but knowing how to look for the obvious is a challenge we all face.
  • Selling In Tough Times - You sell for a living, and times are tough. Get over it. This new Tom Hopkins book will jumpstart your selling skills and let you tap into the power of great service as a source for great sales.
  • Book Review: Black and White Strike Gold - Sandi Webster and Peggy McHale share 51 tips for entrepreneurs looking to move from corporate life to entrepreneurial.
  • Built to Sell By John Warrillow - Own a service business and thinking about cashing out? A new book by John Warrillow explains how to create an exit plan for a service company, maximize the proceeds from selling the business, and avoid an earnout.
  • Renegade Marketer V Magnetic Sponsoring - If you're in network marketing you've probably heard of Renegade Marketer and Magnetic Sponsoring -- but which e-book program has the edge?
  • The E-Myth Revisited - This book is a classic. Michael E. Gerber explains why most small businesses struggle and how to move forward. If you are a business owner who feels unmotivated or stalled out, you should read this book.
  • Three Great Books on Business Strategy - Looking for good business books? If you are interested in business strategy, we've found three great business books that should be on the top of your reading list.
  • Small Business Library - Learning is a continual process for successful entrepreneurs. So we've compiled a list of must-read books to include in your company's small business library.
  • YOUR COMPANY SUCKS, by Mark Stevens - In his latest release, bestselling author Mark Stevens gives business leaders practical strategies for transforming a company that sucks into a company that thrills its customers.
  • Book Review: "Chicken Lips, Wheeler-Dealer and the Beady-Eyed MBA: An Entrepreneur's Wild Adventures on the New Silk Road" - Frank Farwell gives entrepreneurs a birds-eye view into the wild and wooly reality of transforming a small business into an Inc. 500 company.
  • Book Review: "Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success" - So controversial that it couldn't be published during his lifetime, "Outwitting the Devil" presents success guru Napoleon Hill's secrets for conquering the internal demons that haunt every entrepreneur.
  • Book Review: Try, Decide and Attitude Trilogy - In a trilogy of easy-to-read, motivational books, Karen Okulicz helps business professionals stay motivated and achieve their goals, even when the odds seem to be stacked against them.
  • Book Review: The Benevolent Dictator - In "The Benevolent Dictator", OfficeMax founder Michael Feuer gives readers a down-and-dirty guide to starting and growing a successful business.
  • Book Review: The Franchise Buyers Manual - A franchise can be the perfect gateway to small business ownership. In The Franchise Buyer's Manual, franchising expert Ed Teixeira gives prospective franchisees the tools they need to get in the game.




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