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Mac Cassity

Mac Cassity is an entrepreneur and business person. Mac began writing professionally when he was twelve years old for a comic book collecting publication. Today, he has experience in insurance agency management and runs his own freelance writing business, Mac the Knife Articles.

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Mac is interested in many aspects of entrepreneurism including social networking, public relations and marketing.

  • 5 Ways to Use Your Business Cards More Effectively - Because of their small size and cost, business cards stand low on the marketing totem pole. The fact is, if used correctly, business cards can be an effective addendum to your marketing tool kit. This article points out 5 ways you can begin using your business cards more effectively right now.
  • Business Card Basics: Designing a Card that Works for YOU - From the info contained on them to the look and feel, business cards are an important component of your marketing campaign. This article delves into some of the things you must take into consideration when designing your next business cards.
  • Choosing a Good Business Location - Where should you locate your business? This is an important question that plagues all new business owners. The answers are not always easy but taking the time to take some valid points into consideration may help ease the pain of deciding a bit. This article offers some great tips to think about when this decision is on your list of things to do.
  • Email Etiquette 101: A Timely Response is Crucial - Emails are a huge part of our life but some of us simply take them for granted. This articles makes the case for why responding to emails quickly should be part of our regular routine, not the exception to the rule.
  • Email: How to Use it Properly for Maximum Effectiveness - Using email can be effective, if used properly. This article will help you to make sure the communications you are sending are well received and respectful of others.
  • How Can Young Entrepreneurs Make Connections When Starting Out? - Young entrepreneurs may have a leg up on older, established business owners and professionals, but they still need a network of business relationships to continue to move their business endeavors forward. This article helps to provide young entrepreneurs with ideas and tips on how to increase this network.
  • How to Conduct a Professional One on One Properly - Having a one on one with another business professional can be a great way to establish deeper relationships with new contacts, as long as it is conducted properly. This article provides some solid tips to help ensure your next one on one is a valuable one.
  • How to Follow Up with Prospects Properly to Ensure Your Success - Following up with prospects and new business relationships is crucial to the success of any business. So many fail to do it or do it incorrectly. This article will help you become more effective at this all too important business skill.
  • How to Get Quality Testimonials - Testimonials work, but only if you use them. This article will help you understand what quality testimonials look like and how to get them from satisfied clients and use them to help build your business.
  • How to Get the Most out of your Chamber of Commerce - Chambers of Commerce are often misunderstood organizations. This article will help to give some insight into what these organizations are about and how you can utilize them to grow your business.
  • How to Make a Chamber of Commerce Membership Work for your Business - If you have ever wondered just how to make best use of a chamber of commerce membership, wonder no more. This article lists specific things you can do to make sure your chamber membership works for your and your business.
  • How to Optimize your Twitter Account for Maximum Impact - It takes more than setting up a Twitter account and blasting your link to have success with Twitter. This piece explores a little about what you should do with your Twitter profile to ensure maximum activity for your Tweeting efforts.
  • How to Start a Brand New Business Without ANY Money - Start-up costs of a new business can be EXTRAORIDINARY...but they don't have to be. Follow the simple tips provided by this article to get your business up and running and making money even if you have nothing to invest other than passion and a strong desire to succeed.
  • How to Start an Online Business - Want to begin making money online? Learning the skills necessary to make money from the internet can be a time intensive and costly endeavor. This article will help you understand some of the steps necessary to take your online business from an idea to an income generating reality.
  • How to Start an Online Outsourcing Business - Businesses are looking to outsource services more and more every day. By putting yourself in front of them with quality services, you can begin to pull in some of the cashflow these businesses are putting out there online.
  • How to Utilize Fliers for a Local Service Business - Using fliers to market your business is both cheap and effective. This article will give you some ideas of how to use them to gain new customers quickly.
  • How to Utilize Social Networks for Business Referrals - Social Networking is not going anywhere and by all indications, it is becoming more and more popular each and every day. Companies that learn how to effectively market using social networks are getting in front of millions of potential prospects for less money than just about any other marketing method in existence. This article will give you solid, easy to follow techniques to help you begin using social networking as one of the foundational marketing tools for your business.
  • I Forgot My Business Card...What Do I Do? - Forgetting your business cards is not the best way to represent yourself at a networking event, but it is not the end of the world either. This article provides some solid tips on what to do when this happens to you.
  • Is a Partnership Right for You? - New business owners often rush into business partnerships based on their initial feelings of excitement, but, is this the right course of action to take? This article examines some common pitfalls and scenarios to watch out for when deciding if a business partnership is right for you.
  • Logos: Are They Really THAT Important for Your Business? - Logos...we see them all around us. They are how we identify the brands we use so often, but, how important are they to OUR business? This article examines just how valuable (or NOT) logos are for your business.
  • Making Money from Your Invention - So, you have invented a product...now what? This article contains some great ideas to help you turn your new invention into cash in your pocket.
  • Marketing on a TIGHT Budget: How to Get New Clients with Little or NO Money - Marketing can be expensive, but when times are tough, should you just stop doing it altogether? Of course not! The key is to try to get the highest possible return with the least possible expense. This article offers several extremely effective (and extremely inexpensive) ways to supercharge your marketing efforts, no matter WHAT your budget is.
  • Marketing Your Business on Facebook: What Every Business Owner Should Know - Before you put all of your effort towards a Facebook marketing campaign, first read this article for some helpful tips to help you use the social networking site correctly to market your business.
  • Moo Cards: Creative, Affordable Business Promotion - This article spotlights a few of the products offered by MOO USA, a company that produces customizable business, greeting and postcards.
  • Networking 101: What do You Do When You First Meet Someone at a Networking Event? - Networking events can be a valuable resource for your business, IF you handle yourself properly. This article will share exactly what kind of approach will work best to be remembered and build quality business relationships.
  • Online Freelance Writing Business - If you have the skills to write, then you can earn money online with your own freelance writing business. This article explores some of the steps necessary to get your business up and running and producing income.
  • Outsourcing: 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know - Hiring individuals or teams to perform some of the tasks of your business is a great way to leverage your time and allow you to focus on pulling in new clients. Rather than hire on staff employees, many business owners are choosing to outsource work instead. This article will help you to understand some of the questions you need to get answered so your outsourcing experience will be a positive one for your business.
  • Partnership or Profit Sharing? - All too often, business people enter into partnerships too soon based on the excitement surrounding a new idea or business venture. It is too late once they have found that their opinions differ, personalities clash, and they wish they have never partnered in the first place. This article looks at the possibilities that exist with profit sharing arrangements versus partnerships.
  • Referral Groups: A Valuable Business Tool or a Waste of Time? - Referral groups are often the subject of disagreement among business professionals as to their effectiveness. This article delves into the question of whether or not referral groups a productive way for a business owner to spend their time.
  • Think Your Business isn't Press Release Worthy? Think Again... - What makes a business press release worthy? More than you might imagine actually. Just about any business has aspects about it that would make a great press release. This article will help to shed some light on what a business could issues a press release about, how to get it written, and where to submit it once it has been created.


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