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Small business insurance is important because things don't always go as planned and accidents do happen. Our small business insurance articles discuss small business health insurance, property insurance, workers' compensation, liability insurance, key man insurance and other types of small business commercial insurance.

Small Business Insurance

  • Dental Insurance Plans for Small Businesses - Buying group dental insurance is a smart move for small business owners. Affordable small business dental insurance is readily available -- these days, you can even buy dental insurance online.
  • Contractors Liability Insurance For Small Business - Looking for contractors liability insurance? There are a vast assortment of carriers and coverages. We help you to make sense of it all.
  • Product Liability Insurance For Small Businesses - If a person becomes injured as a result of using your products, you can face a huge liability. Get product liability insurance. The amount of coverage you'll need depends on your business type.
  • Professional Liability Insurance - Running a business without professional liablity insurance can be a big mistake. We explain why buying professiona liability insurance is essential for all service providers.
  • How Much Does Business Insurance Cost? - So you're in the market for business insurance? Here's what you can expect to pay for business insurance.
  • Small Business Health Insurance - Is affordable small business health insurance a myth? No, but it's not easy to find good small business health insurance. Here's some good advice on shopping for health insurance.

  • Small Business Health Options Program - The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP Act) can help small businesses and millions of workers get access to affordable small business and self-employed health coverage. Getting this bill passed is fundamental to a solid economic recovery.
  • Marine Insurance - This article explains the basics of marine insurance. If you ship goods abroad for export or import, or across the country for any reason, marine insurance offers protection against a variety of worst case scenarios.
  • Business Equipment Insurance - Business equipment insurance is a sensible investment for small business owners. If your business equipment is not adequately covered by insurance, you may be in for a nasty surprise.
  • Cost of Dental Insurance - Dental insurance is viewed by some employees as a very nice perk. If you want to offer dental insurance, here's how much you can expect to pay.
  • General Liability Insurance - In business, stuff happens. General liability insurance protects you against devastating claims that can result from unexpected disasters.
  • Health Insurance for the Self-Employed - If you work alone, you can't get a group health insurance policy per se. So what are the health insurance options for the self-employed?
  • Business Owner's Policy (BOP) Insurance - Do you have a business owner's insurance policy? Should you? Buying this business insurance is a smart move but be sure you fully understand what's covered.
  • Insurance for My Small Business - Operating a business is difficult enough without having to be concerned about suffering significant financial loss. Small business insurance can protect against loss of your investment and financial impairment to your business.
  • Insurance Required for Small Businesses - Business insurance protects you against some various serious risks but do you have to have business insurance? Here's are take on it.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance - Do you need Director and Officers insurance? As your business grows and you appoint officers and bring in outside directors, your leaders and advisors may ask for liability protection. Here's everything you need to know about D&O insurance.
  • Content Liability Insurance - Believe it or not, the words on your website and in your brochures can be a liability. Fortunately, there's insurance that addresses that risk.
  • Avoid Buying Fake Insurance - Believe it or not, there are scammers out there selling fake insurance policies to business owners. Here are a few tips to avoid getting scammed.
  • Disability Insurance Options - Disability insurance is very common for businesses but it's widely misunderstood. Here's a primer on what you need to know about disability insurance.
  • Health Insurance Plans: Self Insurance for Small Businesses - Self insuring a small business health insurance plan can make sense for many companies. How to determine if self-insured health insurance makes sense for your company? That may require some outside expertise.
  • Small Business Group Health Insurance - If you are buying small business group health insurance, here's a few things you should know before you start shopping.
  • Insuring Your Business - Running your company, without taking any form of insurance is like diving into the sea for the first time, without a life jacket on! Insure your business before it is too late!
  • Key Man Insurance - Key executive insurance, key person insurance, key man insurance -- whatever you call it, it still does the same thing. Buying key person insurance can ensure that a business plan is carried on even if a key executive dies.
  • Lowering Health Insurance Costs - Would a higher deductible help lower your business health insurance costs? Is self-insurance an option for you? We discuss a few smart ways to lower your health insurance costs.
  • Small Business Healthcare Reform - Small businesses should support health care reform, but not for the reasons currently being cited by the spinmasters in Washington DC.
  • What the New Health Bill Means For Entrepreneurs - The new healthcare reform bill recently passed by Congress could have a profound impact on small businesses and entrepreneurs. This article will review the proposed healthcare reform bill and the potential impacts it will have on small businesses.
  • Small Business Insurance Basics - The fact that accidents occur when they are least expected should prompt the entrepreneur to secure his/her business with several relevant types of insurance cover. Obtaining these right types of insurance cover begins with an understanding of the business insurance needs i.e. what the probable risks to the business are.
  • Tips for Entrepreneurs to Find Affordable Insurance - Despite the news coverage, affordable insurance can be found by the entrepreneur.




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