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Advertising can be a very effective marketing technique for small and mid-sized businesses. We offer advertising advice and tips in these articles.

Small Business Advertising

  • How to Get Started with Advertsing - Getting started with advertising is typical of any business decision you make. At first, it seems very complex but if you can isolate a few simple principles of how to approach advertising, advertising is easy and it can be a boon to your business!
  • Introduction to Advertising - Learn how advertising works. Advertising can be a useful part of any small business marketing plan.
  • Advertising Campaigns - The best advertising campaigns start with a keen understanding of the customer, but that's not all it takes to create great advertising campaigns.
  • Creating Your Business Brochure - This article explains how to create an effective business brochure that will hold the attention of your target audience.
  • Working with an Advertising Agency - The role of the advertising agency is not nearly as mystifying as it seems. Their job is simply to help you reach your goals by presenting your company in the best possible light.
  • Evaluating Advertising Efforts - Modern day businesses are being forced to contend with the fact that there is ever-increasing competition and a subsequent shrinking of profit margins. This has forced managements across the business sector to enforce strict appraisal measures on every type of expenditure, including advertising. The aim here is to determine if indeed the advertising effort has been effective.

  • Rooftop Advertising - Discusses the effectiveness of rooftop advertising and how it can get customers to recognize your business.
  • Pros and Cons of Advertising - What are the pros and cons of advertising? You know that advertising is a paid mass communication via print, TV, radio, websites and other media, but do you truly understand the advantages and disadvantages of using advertising to grow a business.
  • Using Sex Appeal in Advertising - Is it really effective? How should a company use it? What are things to be aware of? This is a short guide in use of sex appeal in advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Should a Start Up Advertise? - Advertising has long been the dominant form of promotional marketing that firms of all sizes engaged in to build brand awareness and increase their customer base. However, many experts argue that advertising should only be used to enforce a recognizable brand, not to develop one.
  • Basic Approaches to Advertising - There are so many products and services on offer in the market, many of which are similar, and some which are quite unique. These qualities will count for little if the customers expected to buy them have no knowledge of their availability. What does a business have to do to get the word out?
  • Advertising Options for Entrepreneurs - In determining the type of medium or media that will be used in an advertisement campaign the management must seriously consider the inherent characteristics of each medium. What are these characteristics that serve to set one medium apart from the others and thus form a basis for the selection of one and not the other?
  • Selecting an Advertising Medium - In selecting an advertising medium certain decisions must be made. Firstly, the general type of medium must be identified. Secondly, the class/category of the media must be chosen. Thirdly, the specific medium must be settled upon. What are the factors that aid in making these three decisions?
  • Reasons Flyers Fly Without Results - Flyers reach consumers' hands but what after that? How do we gain their attention, trust and make them buy? What ticks and what doesn't? How to derive ROI from your flyer campaigns? Read on to find out:
  • Is Your Advertising Inside the Law? - Is your advertising within legal boundaries? Too much Photoshop could land you in the cop shop. Here's how to keep your ad campaigns squeaky clean, effective and lawful.
  • Blimp Advertising - Explains the advantages of using blimp advertising to promote your business. Highlights reusability, affordability and durability
  • Finding Free (and Almost Free) Advertising for Entrepreneurs - Advertising can be one of the most expensive items for many entrepreneurs. Word of mouth is only one of the free and almost free opportunities for advertising that the creative entrepreneur can use to cut back on advertising expenses.
  • Seven Low-Cost Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses - Sometimes the most obvious mainstream advertising venues may be too costly or ineffective for many small businesses. This article presents seven alternative advertising venues that are perfect for the promotion of small businesses within the local community.
  • Advertising My Business - If your business could use a boost, maybe it's time to ramp up your marketing efforts. But before you do anything else, you need to consider a few key points about the age-old problem of "advertising my business".




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