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Angela Ly

Angela is currently an MBA student at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Ms. Ly is looking to specialise in Finance, and has an interest in exploring topics in entrepreneurship and strategies for small businesses.

Articles written by Angela Ly

Ms. Ly is interested in writing about taking a business idea to market. She also will focus on moving that business into foreign territories.

  • Become an Entrepreneur After Your MBA - You have thought about starting your own business, but is still not sure whether to do it after your MBA. Here, we discuss taking the road less travelled.
  • Conducting Performance Reviews - As an employer or manager, you will need to conduct staff performance reviews at some point. We discuss some ways you can do it to make them meaningful.
  • Customer Service Tips - When you interact directly with customers, you need to make a good impression to keep customers coming back. We share some do's and don'ts of customer service.
  • Effective Organizing for the Home Business - How do you separate your work and personal space? We share some tips on how to organize your home business effectively.
  • Employee Performance Measurement - We share some methods of measuring employee performance that will be beneficial to the company.
  • Entrepreneurship and Denmark - Denmark's entrepreneurial spirit is in the air. We discuss below how certain initiatives have kicked off the trend of setting up new ventures in Denmark.
  • Franchising in China (Part 1 of 4) - This article discusses the attractiveness of setting up a franchised business in China.
  • Franchising in China (Part 2 of 4) - This second article discusses the role of the government in franchising, and also areas of franchising in China that have withstood harsh economic conditions.
  • Franchising in China (Part 3 of 4) - The third article in this series discusses some recommendations that prospective franchisors may want to keep in mind when venturing into the franchising industry in China.
  • Franchising in China (Part 4 of 4) - The final article in this series continues with recommendations that prospective franchisors may want to keep in mind when venturing into the franchising industry in China.
  • Going Global for Your Business - Is your business suitable to be taken overseas? We discuss some characteristics of successful global start-ups.
  • How the Differentiation Strategy Works for Your Business - Often, following what the industry leaders are doing doesn't get you anywhere. You need to stand out from the crowd. Here, we talk about what the differentiation strategy is about.
  • How to Organize Your Strategic Plan - You know what you want to achieve for your business. The big picture, at least. But putting your objectives in an organized plan will help make the steps you need to take a whole lot clearer.
  • If Your Business Is Not Doing Well - If your business is not showing the results that you want or expect to see, we suggest some ways you can turn the situation around.
  • Is My Business Idea a Good One? - You've been struck by a terrific business idea. Or so you think. How can you be sure it's got a potential for success?
  • Low-Cost Leadership Strategy - So you want to compete on price. How do you get your business ready for this? We provide some tips in this article.
  • Making Your Business Green - People are increasingly interested in doing their bit to save the earth. Here are some ways you can incorporate eco-friendly ideas into your business.
  • Putting the Right Managers in Charge - How do you hire a manager for your start-up? Leadership and management are key to the success of your business. Follow these four simple rules for hiring effective managers for your organization.
  • Starting a Business During a Recession - A recession can be a good time for you to start your business. Here we discuss some reasons why it's possible to ride out the storm.
  • Starting a Cosmetics Line - Many entrepreneurs start their own cosmetics lines. We offer advice on how to gain market share in the beauty industry.
  • Strategies for Competing Firms - When surrounded by competition, you need a focused strategy to emerge victorious. Here we discuss some strategies that you can adopt.
  • Success in Managing Growth - The growth stage of a venture is an exciting time which brings about new challenges to the entrepreneur. Here we provide some tips on managing the growth of your venture.
  • Test Your Business Online - Starting to run your own business can be daunting. Why not test the market by taking your business online before you open a bricks-and-mortar space?
  • The Technology Industry in China - High tech parks in China are attracting startups and investors alike. This articles discusses the technology industry in China.
  • The Venture Capital Method of Private Company Valuation - Valuation of private companies is a tricky task and not an exact science. In this article, we discuss a common method used by venture capitalists.
  • Understanding IPOs - An IPO is one of the most common methods of exit for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We talk about what's involved in the IPO process.
  • Why You Should Take That Entrepreneurship Class - Wondering whether you should take that class in entrepreneurship? Is it really useful in helping you realize your dreams? We tell you in this article what you can get out of it.


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