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Clayton Reeves

When he's not playing racquetball or studying for a class, Clayton Reeves enjoys writing articles about entrepreneurship. He is currently an MBA student at the University of Missouri with a concentration in Economics and Finance.

Articles written by Clayton Reeves

Clayton believes that entrepreneurs play a leading role in driving our growth as an economy. He writes for entrepreneurs with the hope that he can help small business owners be more successful in achieving their growth goals and surviving a turbulent economy.

  • A Company That Helps Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurial spirit is difficult to find, and when found it should be nurtured and helped along in order to build something great. A company in Ohio has taken one of the most difficult parts of building a business -- financing -- and made it easy for Ohio companies to grow.
  • Bad News About Oil Prices - Oil prices may be high, but recent downtrends prove that not all of it is speculation. When the laws of supply and demand interact, you can see it reflected in prices. Recessionary concerns are a simple catalyst for the downward spike in oil prices.
  • Basic Guide to Capital Budgeting - Capital budgeting can be one of the most important things your company does. Learn the basics of capital budgeting and why it is important to your small business.
  • Basic Guide to Determining a Discount Rate - In addition to capital budgeting, determining a good discount rate can really help your business make wise project decisions.
  • Basic Guide to Markets - Markets provide our economy with many services and perks. Learn how they work together to help facilitate our fast paced global economy.
  • Basic Guide to the Federal Reserve - We explain the purpose and duties of the Federal Reserve. While it might not seem like they have an impact on your business, they certainly do.
  • Basic Guide to Workers Compensation Insurance - Most companies, no matter how small, need some sort of insurance coverage for their workers in case of accident. Learn how workers comp can be a positive thing for your business, and why you really do need it.
  • Body Language in Business: An Introduction - Body language is something that everyone does, and no one can completely control. Even the most vaunted liars have given themselves away through body language cues. This article gives you an introduction to the intricacies and applications of reading body language.
  • Body Language in Business: Handshakes - In business and life, people often form an opinion about someone the first few moments of introduction. Usually there is a handshake associated with this introduction. This article will briefly discuss some of the aspects of a successful handshake, and the connotations associated with handshakes in general.
  • Body Language in Business: Insights on Handshake Variations - Handshakes can be an important part of your business relations. In order to understand how you can use a handshake to give a good impression, you may have to implement some additional practices. This article will briefly go over those practices and how they can help you.
  • Body Language in Business: Palms - The hands can give an individual a great indication of someone's intentions. Learn how the use of the hands and palms can help you read someone.
  • Boost Online Sales With These Tricks - Having trouble making your online sales quota? Try these simple tricks to boost your sales and better retain your customers.
  • Businesses Going Global - Going global is a great option if your small company needs to reach more customers, or if your product is more attractive to a foreign market. Of course, there are positives and negatives to expanding overseas.
  • Business-to-Business Marketing - Business to business marketing differs from consumer marketing in many ways. As a small business owner, it is important to make that distinction and understand how b-to-b marketing differs from b-to-c marketing.
  • Collaboration in the Workplace - As the world becomes smaller, collaboration will be taking place on a grand scale. Learn about how one Toronto-based mining company tore down their secretive walls and reaped benefits from working together with the whole world.
  • Collaboration via Insourcing - Learn about a new phenomenon known as insourcing. It is a snapshot of something big that is happening worldwide and will soon impact your small business.
  • Communicating in the New World - In a global economy, everything from textiles to taxes is being exported to overseas companies. While this may come as a shock to many, it increases the standard of living worldwide. There are a few reasons why it is so easy to throw work around the globe these days.
  • Consumerism as a Movement - Consumerism has several different definitions that get thrown about. For small business owners operating in a greening world, it is important to know about these views.
  • Creating a Distinct Brand - It is important to create a distinct brand when operating in a tough economy. Make sure that your customers remember why they buy your product.
  • Customer Loyalty Myths - Loyalty has always been assumed to be analogous with profit. This is not always the case. The link between loyalty and profits has been shown to be weaker than first thought. We discuss some other myths about loyalty that have recently been revealed.
  • Dealing With Venture Capitalists - When dealing with VC firms, there are a few things to watch out for. We discuss a few things VCs might say that you shouldn't simply take at face value.
  • Diversity in the Workplace - Diversity is a subject that will get attention for the remainder of our lives. Sometimes stereotypes and prejudice can emerge in a diverse workplace. As a small business owner, it is your job to deal with these situations.
  • Diversity: An Introduction to Theories of Diversity - Many theories of diversity have emerged in corporate America. Some are better than others, but understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these theories and their applications will enable you to better prepare your business for a global world.
  • Diversity: Discrimination and Fairness Paradigm - The Discrimination and Fairness Paradigm is one of the main diversity theories in practice today. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of this theory and how it relates to your small business.
  • Diversity: The Access and Legitimacy Paradigm - Access and Legitimacy is one of the most popular diversity paradigms in use today. Learn what makes it so popular and why it shouldn't necessarily be used.
  • Diversity: The Emerging Diversity Paradigm - The Emerging Diversity Paradigm is the newest diversity theory out there. Learn how this theory can help your business make a solid diversity program and help you prepare for a new, globally integrated world.
  • Economic Growth - We discuss economic growth and the factors that make economic growth possible.
  • Economic Growth Theories - Take a look at the major economic growth theories and how they measure up to real-life situations.
  • Eliminate Paper from Your Office - Learn how a simple program is making big noise when it comes to reducing corporate paper waste.
  • ERP Modules - This article briefly goes over the idea of modules as they relate to enterprise resource planning. These modules can help provide lower cost alternatives to a complete system.
  • ERP Selection Methods - ERP systems can be costly to implement. As such, when choosing an ERP system, it is important that you take time to select the right ERP system or set of modules for your business.
  • ERP: Build or Buy - There are several options when dealing with the purchase of an ERP system. This article briefly discusses different options and how they might benefit your small business.
  • Evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems - This article will briefly summarize the major concepts that comprise enterprise resource planning. These concepts can be applied to business applications ranging from the large to small.
  • Exercise in the Work Place: How and Why - Is your company physically fit? When it comes to exercise in the workplace, there are many things that companies can do to encourage employees to stay well and be healthy.
  • Financing for Small Businesses Expanding Globally - Small businesses can sometimes reap great rewards through global expansion. It can be a great way to target a larger audience and create return. There are a few great ways that small businesses can raise funds to expand overseas.
  • Fires Burn, and Firing Someone Can Hurt - Sometimes employees become detrimental to the workplace or consistently underperform. This can be a major detriment to a small business. In an expense driven market the one operating today, you need to know when to cut the cord. This article briefly explains some keys to a successful parting of ways.
  • Five Concepts of Finance - This article briefly goes over five basic concepts of finance that you should have a firm grasp on while running your small business. These are simple in nature, but their depth is significant. Getting a good grasp on them will help you run a more financially sound company.
  • Giving Up on a Business - This article briefly goes over how to decide when to push through obstacles and when it is time to pull the plug on a business.
  • How to Approach Constructive Feedback - We outline a very simple way to approach constructive feedback in the workplace. Follow this structure and your employees should be able to communicate much more efficiently.
  • How to Successfully Network - Learn how networking can help your company survive through ups and downs. In business, there is nothing more important than who you know and what they are willing to do to help you. Take these simple steps and build a successful network.
  • Introduction to Economics - This article briefly goes over the fundamentals of economics so that as a small business owner you can understand the forces at play in the market place.
  • Introduction to Offshoring - This article tackles another difficult subject in offshoring. Although offshoring seems to strip America of jobs, it has other benefits that trickle down as well. Learn how offshoring can help your business to level the playing field.
  • Introduction to Outsourcing - This article briefly explains the costs and benefits of outsourcing work to other countries. While the outsourcing has a negative connotation, there are benefits to be reaped for companies large and small when dealing with outsourcing.
  • Introduction to Risk and Return - We provide a brief introduction to the concept of risk and return. After reading this article, you will have a good understanding of the risk-return relationship.
  • Introduction to Supply Chains - This article briefly delves into the realm of supply chains and their impact on an ever changing global landscape.
  • Introduction to Time Value of Money - Looking for a primer on the time value of money? You're in the right spot! Some big corporations still have a hard time getting a grasp on this concept, so if your company can implement it into your planning process, you will have a leg up on the big guys.
  • Investing in Start-Ups - Sometimes you may feel an obligation to support other start-up firms after your own business becomes successful. However, make sure that you can afford to make an investment before you pull the trigger.
  • Keys to a Tight-Knit Corporate Culture - If employee cohesiveness and company loyalty are lacking within your organization, this article is a must-read. We offer tips to make your company culture stronger.
  • Loyalty Program Advice - Looking for loyalty program advice? Several things about a loyalty program can make it better than others. This article goes over some of the common facets of successful loyalty programs.
  • Make Supply and Demand Work for Your Business - Understanding the pushes and pulls of supply and demand can enable you to create a business model suited to your company's strengths. This article briefly goes over how simple economics can play a real life roll if your business planning.
  • Marketing Ethics - Marketing has intrinsic conflicts of interest between buyers and sellers. We take a look at some marketing ethics issues that are inherent in the world of marketing.
  • Marketing Mix - The seven Ps of marketing can help your business build a simple marketing plan and take advantage of your place in the market.
  • Marketing Mix and the Five Ms of Marketing - When you produce a marketing strategy, there is a mix that must be created. This involves the five Ms of marketing and how they convince buyers to purchase your items.
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Building Customer Loyalty Programs - When implementing loyalty programs, avoid these common mistakes. Otherwise, your customer loyalty program will not achieve your business objectives.
  • Online Presence: No Longer Just an Option - Websites used to be a luxury, but they have quickly turned to necessity. Even small businesses can't operate as efficiently if they do not have a well functioning website. Here are some reasons you, as a small business owner, should invest in an online presence.
  • Operating in a Difficult Economy - Many companies face pressures from operating in a tough economy. However, if your small business can pull through the tough times, their performance will be rewarded when things pick back up.
  • Operational Risk - Risk faces your business every day that it is in operation. Managing this risk can prove to be one of the more important tasks that you face. Modern techniques can help you better understand what sort of decisions you should be prepared to make.
  • Performing an External Analysis - Performing an external analysis is important to the long term competitiveness of your firm. Being cognizant of your environment is advisable for an individual as well as a company. This article discusses the steps necessary to perform a quality external audit.
  • Personal Selling - Personal selling sometimes has a negative connotation. However, in business to business marketing there are several forms of personal selling that are generally accepted and appreciated. Improving personal selling skills can turn a good sales force into a great sales force.
  • Questionable Marketing Practices - Marketing can sometimes teeter on the edge of the morally gray. As such, it is important for small businesses to realize when they are taking their customers for granted. Being a responsible corporate citizen is essential if you want to be around for the long-term.
  • Retiring in a Tough Market - Retiring can be a tough process in a rocky market. Learn how you can be comfortable with your portfolio, while not being overanxious to sell off potential winners. Balance your trepidation with a willingness to persist and you will come out a winner.
  • Risk Management - Risk management needs to be integrated into every facet of your operations. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have the luxury of being able to implement these systems at ground level. Learn why your small business should be concerned with risk now.
  • Road Warriors - Entrepreneurs may need to hit the road early in the development stages of their business. During this crucial time, there are several things that can be done to turn your office into a mobile work station.
  • Secrets to Employee Retention - Keeping talented workers is important for a small business. These are some things that companies do in order to keep their talented workforce in house.
  • Small Business Supply Chains - This article goes into the things that UPS does for businesses that may offer your small business the opportunity to optimize like you never thought it could.
  • Structure of Markets - We review the theory of markets and discusses their structure in more detail. There are different kinds of markets, and they perform significantly different functions for the economy.
  • SWOT Analysis - SWOT is a simple tool, but for small businesses it can help focus efforts in a way that increases productivity and growth. A company without direction is headed nowhere, so even simple tools such as SWOT can help your company grow.
  • The Advent of Targeted Online Advertising - Recently targeted advertising has begun to take real form on the internet. As a small business, targeted ads can directly access your segment and get great return for your advertising dollar.
  • The Art of Motivation - Motivation can be difficult for any size corporation, but for a small company it can kill initiatives if even one or two people don't buy in. Take these steps to make sure that your company remains flexible to change.
  • The Importance of a Mission Statement - A mission statement is vital to the success of a company as a whole. It can unify a company and push them to new heights. Creating a mission statement is just as important for a small company starting out.
  • The Motivation of Crisis - The economy stinks, but that may actually be good news. We look at the upside of an economic downturn.
  • The People Every Start-Up Business Needs - There are certain people that every business needs in its beginning stages. Having a supporter, example, reference and foil all give your company a better chance of pushing through the tough times and coming out better on the other end.
  • Think an Idea Is Too Simple? Meet Twitter - Twitter is a site where you simply enter what you are doing at the moment. Simple enough, but the site has a rabid fan base that is obsessed with the simplicity of the site. Learn how to turn simple into genius.
  • Tips on Going Green - Green marketing is a hot topic in recent news and shows just how potent the right mix of smart business decisions and Earth friendly practices can be. The Green movement has arrived, and with it are ways that your business can take advantage of the positive energy around the subject.
  • Tips When Naming a Company - How does naming your business affect the potential of the company? More than you may think. In certain situations choosing a name may be one of the most important initial decisions you make.
  • TOWS Analysis - TOWS is the way in which a company can employ their internal and external analysis and match these up to one another. Without a specific implementation program, the analysis from SWOT analysis is generally regarded as pointless. TOWS can help create a plan of action.
  • Trade Restrictions - Find out the truth behind trade restrictions aimed to help our farmers and workers. We discuss trade policy and how trade restrictions impact small business owners.
  • Trolls on the Internet - There is a new breed of internet scourge that usually prey on the overconfident and confrontational internet user. Trolls have a habit of tearing people down who become defensive and self righteous. Learn simple ways to avoid these cyber predators.
  • Ways to Increase Work Force Health - We offer five great ideas to improve the health of your work force. These are relatively simple things you can do to encourage employee to stay in shape and be well.
  • Why Have a Loyalty Program - There are several things that a loyalty program can do for your firm. Knowing these things when you initiate a loyalty program is imperative to the success of any customer loyalty program.


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