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Americans have a love hate relationship with minimum wages. On the one hand, it's great that we ensure that people are not exploited. On the other hand, minimum wage laws can be burdensome for business owners. We take a look at the differing minimum wages, from state to state, and offer our own thoughts on the role of the minimum wage in a modern economy.

Minimum Wage

  • Alabama Minimum Wage - What is minimum wage is in Alabama? You might be surprise to know that the state of Alabama has little to say about what Alabama employers should pay their employees.
  • Alaska Minimum Wage - Created specifically to address Alaska minimum wage questions, this article includes current Alaska minimum wage information.
  • Arizona Minimum Wage - What's minimum wage in Arizona? Our information on Arizona minimum wage law answers key questions you may have about Arizona minimum wages.
  • Arkansas Minimum Wage - What is the minimum wage in Arkansas? Compared to most other states, Arkansas minimum wages are relatively low.
  • California Minimum Wage - What is minimum wage is in Alabama? We've got the information you've been looking for.
  • Colorado Minimum Wage - Have questions about Colorado minimum wages? Learn about how Colorado calculates its current minimum wage.

  • Connecticut Minimum Wage - Did you know that the Connecticut minimum wage rate automatically increases to 1/2 of 1 percent above the rate set in the Fair Labor Standards Act if the Federal minimum wage rate equals or becomes higher than the State minimum?
  • Delaware Minimum Wage - The minimum wage in Delaware is automatically replaced with the federal minimum wage rate if it is higher than the Delaware minimum wage.
  • Washington DC Minimum Wage - In the District of Columbia, the rate is automatically set at $1 above the Federal minimum wage rate if the District of Columbia rate is lower.
  • Florida Minimum Wage - What's Florida's minimum wage? It depends on the cost of living. Minimum wage in Florida is increased annually based upon changes in living costs.
  • Georgia Minimum Wage - As of this writing, Georgia minimum wage applies only to firms with 6 or more employees. Learn more about minimum wages in Georgia.
  • Hawaii Minimum Wage - How much is minimum wage in Hawaii? Even if it's low, the good news is that you get to live in Hawaii!
  • Idaho Minimum Wage - Find out what Idaho's minimum wage is. We've got the latest minimum wage rates from Idaho.
  • Illinois Minimum Wage - Illinois minimum wages only apply to employers with four or more employees, excluding family members.
  • Indiana Minimum Wage - In Indiana, if you have two or more employees you have to adhere to Indiana minimum wage requirements.
  • Iowa Minimum Wage - Iowa's minimum wage is never lower than the federal minimum wage. If the federal minimum wage is raised above minimum wage in Iowa, Iowans will automatically match it.
  • Kansas Minimum Wage - Kansas may be flat but there minimum wage has changed quite a bit over time. Read our article on Kansas minimum wages to learn more.
  • Kentucky Minimum Wage - What's minimum wage in Kentucky? We've got extensive information on current Kentucky minimum wage amounts.
  • Louisiana Minimum Wage - No minimum wage in Louisiana? Louisiana minimum wages are an outlier because Louisiana has no state minimum wage law.
  • Maine Minimum Wage - In Maine, as in many states, certain employers are exempt from paying the minimum wage.
  • Maryland Minimum Wage - What is minimum wage in Maryland? It's something that every Maryland small business owner ought to know.
  • Massachusetts Minimum Wage - Massachusetts minimum wage is at minimum 10 cents above the federal minimum wage. In tough times, that extra dime is nothing to sneeze at.
  • Michigan Minimum Wage - Michigan's minimum wage is intended to ensure that workers can earn a decent living wage so they can support their families
  • Minnesota Minimum Wage - What's minimum wage in Minnesota? Current minimum wage in Minnesota varies depending on the size of the company.
  • Mississippi Minimum Wage - For better or for worse, Mississippi does not define any official Mississippi minimum wage. They are one of a handful of states that have no minimum wage.
  • Missouri Minimum Wage - If you own a business in Mississippi, it's important that you are familiar with Mississippi minimum wage rules.
  • Montana Minimum Wage - Montana minimum wages depend on how much the company makes. Firms that don't make much money have a lower minimum wage.
  • Nebraska Minimum Wage - If you own a business in Nebraska and have four or more employees, you had better be familiar with Nebraska minimum wages.
  • Nevada Minimum Wage - What's the state minimum wage in Nevada? If you've got questions about Nevada minimum wages, we've got the answers.
  • New Hampshire Minimum Wage - New Hampshire's minimum wage provide some relief for New Hampshire’s hard working families. Learn more about minimum wages in New Hampshire.
  • New Jersey Minimum Wage - Find out what New Jersey minimum wage is. Our article on minimum wage in New Jersey gives you everything you need to know.
  • New Mexico Minimum Wage - Like many other states, New Mexico recently enacted an increase to their minimum wage. We offer some specifics on New Mexico minimum wages.
  • New York Minimum Wage - Need to know the amount for minimum wage in New York? You've come to the right place!
  • North Carolina Minimum Wage - Although most workers are not subject to minimum wage, minimum wages in North Carolina serve to define a minimum pay amount for North Carolina workers.
  • North Dakota Minimum Wage - What is minimum wage in North Dakota? There is a different minimum wage for tipped workers, but the base minimum wage is comparable to many other states.
  • Ohio Minimum Wage - What's minimum wage in the state that invented aviation? We take a look at Ohio minimum wages.
  • Oklahoma Minimum Wage - What is the current minimum wage in Oklahoma? It's more than OK.
  • Oregon Minimum Wage - Things look different here. That's an Oregon slogan and it's true. Oregon's minimum wage is one of the highest state minimum wages in the country.
  • Pennsylvania Minimum Wage - For Pennsylvania entrepreneurs and small business owners with employees, it's important to know Pennsylvania's minimum wage law.
  • Rhode Island Minimum Wage - The state may be small, but Rhode Island's minimum wages are respectable. Learn more about Rhode Island minimum wages.
  • South Carolina Minimum Wage - How much is minimum wage in South Carolina? It's one of only a few states that don't define a minimum wage.
  • South Dakota Minimum Wage - Need to know what minimum wages are in South Dakota? That's an easy one. South Dakota minimum wage is currently identical to the federal minimum wage.
  • Tennessee Minimum Wage - What is minimum wage in Tennessee? It's a trick question -- there is none!
  • Texas Minimum Wage - Minimum wage in Texas keeps pace with the national minimum wage. These details on Texas minimum wages rules will come in handy if you are a Texan business owner.
  • Utah Minimum Wage - Utah employers who don't pay minimum wage can find themselves in a world of trouble. Learn more about Utah minimum wages.
  • Vermont Minimum Wage - Vermont minimum wages for 2010 are the same as Vermont minimum wages for 2009. No change!
  • Virginia Minimum Wage - It wasn't too long ago that Virginia's minimum wage was only $6.55. Fortunately, for workers, it's bumped up a bit since then.
  • Washington Minimum Wage - Washington is one of a number of U.S. states that have a minimum wage rate higher than the $7.25 per hour federal minimum wage.
  • West Virginia Minimum Wage - How much is minimum wage in West Virginia? If you own a business in West Virginia, that's a question you ought to know the answer to.
  • Wisconsin Minimum Wage - Minimum wage in Wisconsin is the greater of $7.25 or the cost of two bricks of cheddar cheese. No, just kidding. Read the article to find out what Wisconsin minimum wages are.
  • Wyoming Minimum Wage - Current minimum wage in Wyoming is the same as the national minimum wage. We've got more info on Wyoming minimum wages for you, so be sure to read the article.




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