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Kathryn Lang

Kathryn Lang is a professionial writer and motivational speaker. She enjoys writing about a wide variety of business topics including youth businesses and finance.

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  • Avoiding Debt in Business as an Entrepreneur - Avoiding debt in a business allows the entrepreneur to drive the direction of the business. A few simple steps will make the journey to a debt free venture just a little easier to make.
  • Becoming a Better Salesman - The right system will help an entrepreneur become a better salesman and also train other salespeople to reach their potential. The keys all center around understanding and focusing on the customer.
  • Blogging for Business - Blogging can open new doors for your business as an entrepreneur. It gives you online connections to an almost limitless pool of potential customers.
  • Building Expertise as an Entrepreneur - Getting your name out to others builds your level of expertise as an entrepreneur. It also helps to increase your importance in your field. Speaking, writing and teaching are three ways to build expertise as an entrepreneur.
  • Creating a Sound Business Plan - Knowing where you are going with your business as an entrepreneur will help you make the right choices to get you to that place.
  • Creating a Vision as an Entrepreneur - Every entrepreneur needs to develop a vision that can guide the decisions for the success of a business. A vision statement reveals the big picture of the business and the person and allows room for expansion of the entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Developing a Budget - Understanding money and learning to control the flow of finances can be two of the most valuable tools for any entrepreneur.
  • Entrepreneur's Guide to Hiring - Entrepreneurs may want to do it all alone, but there may come a time when it is time to hire some help.
  • Finding Free (and Almost Free) Advertising for Entrepreneurs - Advertising can be one of the most expensive items for many entrepreneurs. Word of mouth is only one of the free and almost free opportunities for advertising that the creative entrepreneur can use to cut back on advertising expenses.
  • Finding Off-Season Income - Entrepreneurial businesses with seasonal income need to find ways to bring in income during the off-season.
  • Finding the Perfect Niche as an Entrepreneur - Finding the prefect niche as an entrepreneur starts with unlocking passion. A job that is enjoyed is no longer a job making the path to a successful business easier to walk.
  • Great Places to Make Contacts - Success in business is not just about what you know but it is also about who you know. Making the right contacts can help you take your business as an entrepreneur to new levels.
  • Launching a Freelance Writing Career - Freelance writing can be the perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur. Everyone writes. It takes finding the right tools to turn an ordinary activity into a career opportunity.
  • Make Working at Home Work for You - Entrepreneurs often start by working from home. Finding the right balance between being at home and working at home can mean the difference between a successful entrepreneur business and a whole lot of stress.
  • Make Your Hobby Your Job - The best entrepreneurial business focuses around a passion. Recognizing how to turn your favorite hobby into a successful business as an entrepreneur will help you create your dream job.
  • Making the Leap to Full Time Entrepreneur - Being a fulltime entrepreneur can be tricky. Finding the right time to make your move will help create a journey that is smooth sailing.
  • Manage Time with a Time Budget - Building success as an entrepreneur requires managing time. Developing a time budget will help you know how to use the limited time that you have each day.
  • Motivation for the Entrepreneur - Entrepreneurs may have the creative spirit to imagine a business or the education to put a plan into action, but there are times when the energy to get it done may not come. Having a system for motivation can help entrepreneurs get over the hurdles that building a business can bring.
  • Price of an Entrepreneur - Setting prices for the entrepreneurial business requires an understanding of the market and a measure of expenses. An entrepreneur may also benefit from the guidance of a mentor or financial expert.
  • Raising Entrepreneurs - The best time to train an entrepreneur is from the beginning. Children have large imaginations. Encourage that spirit into a business where they can learn to love work.
  • Risks and Rewards for Entrepreneurs - There are a number of risks and rewards to consider before becoming a full time entrepreneur. Knowing what is important for you will help you choose the right time to make the leap.
  • Save Money on Business Trips - Entrepreneurs often travel with business. Finding ways to cut expenses during these travels can help the entrepreneur in the journey to success.
  • Setting Goals and Objectives for the Entrepreneur - Goals and objectives create direction for the entrepreneur. Setting sound goals and objectives starts with an understanding of what they are and how they work.
  • Simple Steps to Define a Business Concept - The first move every entrepreneur takes in starting a new business should be in defining that business concept so that it can be clearly understood and pursued.
  • Starting A Nursery Business - Entrepreneurs that garden may find their golden goose in the nursery business. Setting up a nursery business does not have to be costly, but will require an investment of hard work and passion.
  • Tax Time Starts Today - Tax season may be open season on many entrepreneurs. Start planning for taxes today to help save money and also to reduce stress.
  • The Value of Mentors for Entrepreneurs - Mentors can be the difference between success and failure for many entrepreneurs. The experience and knowledge of the right mentor can provide the edge necessary to take the entrepreneur to the next level of success.
  • Tips for Entrepreneurs to Find Affordable Insurance - Despite the news coverage, affordable insurance can be found by the entrepreneur.
  • Understanding Health Savings Accounts - Health Savings Accounts bring entrepreneurs control over health decisions while helping to build for retirement.
  • Writing an Elevator Pitch as an Entrepreneur - An elevator pitch can provide entrepreneurs with the right tool to interest investors and attract customers. Writing a solid elevator pitch takes time and takes practice but can help the entrepreneur focus the direction of a business.


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