August 6, 2020  
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All businesses require some form of financing. Learn about raising capital, borrowing money and managing the financial operations of your business.

Raising Money

  • Emergency Financing - You've gotten your business off the ground, and your new life as an entrepreneur is going well. But, what will you do if you need emergency financing? Cash flow problems happen. Be prepared for the worst!
  • Getting Money to Start a Business - There are two sources of financing to investigate when you start a new business. This starter article gives a quick overview of the basics.
  • A Company That Helps Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurial spirit is difficult to find, and when found it should be nurtured and helped along in order to build something great. A company in Ohio has taken one of the most difficult parts of building a business - financing - and made it easy for Ohio companies to grow.
  • Financing Your Business - If only I had a little more money in the bank to grow my business... is a common thought for entrepreneurs. Raising money is a startup hurdle you've got to overcome to become a successful entrepreneur. Here are some questions to ask before you begin a financing round.
  • Find Start-Up Capital - So you want to find start-up capital? If only it were that easy! Wouldn't it be nice if you could just stumble upon a few million to start a business.
  • Alternative Financing - Besides traditional sources of financing, such as bank loans, there are many alternative sources of financing for entrepreneurs. This article will explore some of these alternative sources of financing.

  • Borrowing Money to Start a Business - Some entrepreneurs avoid debt at all costs. Business expert Rosalind Resnick of Axxess Business Consulting says that may be a mistake. If used judiciously, debt can be a powerful force in getting your new company off to a running start.
  • How to Raise Money - After you raise money a few times, you learn the secrets of getting funding quickly. Assuming you have a decent idea, you just need to leverage the Celebrity Factor, the Greed Factor and the Lemming Factor by using a Sweetener.
  • Accountant's Role in Securing Financing - If you're raising money for a small business, don't forget to tap into the power of your small business accountant.
  • Obtaining Funding - How to Decide How Much to Raise - How much money do I need to start a business? This article discusses what amount of capital you will need and how to estimate it.
  • Obtaining Funding - How to Borrow Money - Starting a company? You'll probably need to raise money to start your business. This article discusses the benefits and disadvantages to using traditional borrowing.
  • Attracting Investors - How do I attract investors? That's a question asked by many entrepreneurs. Finding investors is tough, but it's not impossible.
  • Foreign Company Raising Funds From American Investors - Can a non-U.S. company raise funds from U.S. investors? Absolutely. However, it is important to make sure that the company complies with U.S. securities laws, which would apply to any debt or equity offering made to investors in the United States.
  • Startup Funding Tip - This startup funding tip is pretty simple: sell early and sell early often. That's the cheapest startup capital you'll ever find.
  • Only Idiots Send Venture Capitalists Business Plans - After you write a business plan to help you run your business, you might be tempted to send it to prospective investors to raise money. Don't do it. You couldn't pick a worse vehicle for trying to get an audience with a venture capital firm. Here's a much better way.
  • How Much Should I Borrow to Start a Business? - New entrepreneurs often wonder how much money they should borrow to start a business. Business expert Rosalind Resnick of Axxess Business Consulting offers her insights on debt financing.
  • Investor Turnoffs - Investors typically don't have much time to listen to you so it's best not to use up that time by saying something stupid. Here's a list of dumb things you can say to investors that will quickly get you shown the door.
  • Using Personal Savings to Start a Business - With credit tight these days, you may have to raid your personal savings to start a business. Even if you secure debt financing or equity financing, it may be necessary to invest a big chunk of your personal savings into your new business.
  • Equity Financing - Raising investment money through equity financing means you sell an ownership interest in your business in exchange for funding.
  • Financing a Startup Company - Banks aren't lending money to startups. While that story has been showcased in the media of late, it's nothing new. Business expert Rosalind Resnick of Axxess Business Consulting discusses some viable ways that new business owners can secure debt financing.
  • Determining Proper Capital Structure for a Business - What's the optimal capital structure for your business? If you haven't given that question any thought, this is a must read article.
  • Types of Start Up Financing - Unless you have been saving money for years to start your business, you are going to need start up financing to make your dreams come true. But what types of start up financing are available to you?
  • Identifying Investment Opportunities - There are many investment opportunities, but what investment opportunities are worthwhile? Knowing can help you make the wisest investment opportunity of your life.
  • Making Sure the Capital Fits the Business Type - When starting a business you need startup capital to fund the business, but the question is how much you need. Too much can be bad and so can too little.
  • Starting a Business on a Shoestring Budget - Many business owners have started their business with very little money. Of course it depends on the type of business you are establishing, but how is it these business owners do this?
  • Bad Credit Needn't Stop You Starting a Business Part 1 - If you've got bad credit you've no doubt had a few eyebrows raised at you when you say you want to start a business. Ok, it's not going to be easy, but it's not impossible for you to raise capital.
  • Bad Credit Needn't Stop You Starting a Business Part 2 - If you've got bad credit you've no doubt had a few eyebrows raised at you when you say you want to start a business. Ok, it's not going to be easy, but it's not impossible for you to raise capital.
  • Stake for Services: Deal or No Deal? - Operating a low budget but high revenue business is every entrepreneurs dream. However it is difficult to attain that status. What can you do to come closer to a more frugal business?
  • Using Retirement Funds for Business Capital: Opportunity or Bad Idea? - Entrepreneurs frequently have trouble raising money for the new businesses. They often wonder if they should cash in their existing retirement funds in order to obtain startup capital. Here are the pros and cons of doing that.
  • Application Denied! Funding SMB Growth in Tight Lending Markets - Growth is a priority for most SMB owners. But as lenders tighten their grip on application approvals, how are you supposed to fund a growth strategy that is critical to your company's future?




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