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Stefan Martinovic

Stefan Martinovic has an extensive body of work across the financial services, manufacturing, and retail industries. He is currently pursuing an MBA in Management and Entrepreneurship at The College of William & Mary.

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The following articles on entrepreneurship were contributed by Stefan Martinovic.

  • Borrowing Money from Friends and Family - Borrowing money from friends and family is a tried and true way to start a business but before you do it, be sure to read this article.
  • Career Fairs - Exhibiting at career fairs can be a great recruiting tool. You get the opportunity to promote your organization to tons of prospective hires in a highly efficient manner.
  • Choosing an International Shipper - Choosing an international shipper requires at least a cursory understanding of the many international shipping options and their pros and cons.
  • Credit Card Processing - For entrepreneurs big and small, accepting credit cards has become essential. As we move to a cashless society, not accepting credit cards could prove to be a big mistake.
  • Customer Loyalty - Boosting customer loyalty just got a little easier. We offer a number of helpful tips on improving customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business.
  • Customs Considerations - Before you say bon voyage to the goods you are exporting or import goods from another country, be sure you understand how international customs will affect the shipment.
  • Determining Compensation Levels - How much to pay employees? That's a question that every growing business must address, and we've got a few insights to share on the subject.
  • Determining the Proper Capital Structure for a Business - What's the optimal capital structure for your business? If you haven't given that question any thought, this is a must read article.
  • eBay Entrepreneurs - Are internet auctions your ticket to starting a profitable new business or boosting revenues for your existing business? We think the recent eBay entrepreneurs phenomenon holds many lessons for all entrepreneurs.
  • Effective Goal Setting - Effective goal setting is essential if you want to see your business strategies succeed. Many great business strategies fail simply because the company was not able to set goals properly.
  • Hiring Office Adminstrators - Never understimate the power of an exceptional office adminstrator. We provide some tips on hiring good administrative professionals for your business.
  • Internet Advertising - Internet advertising is a great way to advertise your business, even if you don't have a website.
  • Journal Entry Procedures - Accounting journal entries require attention to detail. Make your journal entry procedures are systematic and methodical.
  • Leadership Consultants - Leadership consultants will teach your management team what it takes to motivate employees and maximize their contribution to your organizational goals.
  • Moving a Business - Moving a business to a new location starts with a thorough evaluation of location alternatives and what they have to offer.
  • Office Supplies - Buying office supplies is an important responsibility if you are managing an office. Here's some advice on how to buy office supplies for your business.
  • Online Partnerships - Online partnerships are an amazing phenomenon. Much more so than in the bricks-and-mortar world, companies are finding partners to help promote their offerings on the Web.
  • Online Recruitment - Internet recruiting has revolutionized the HR world and made it easier for small businesses to find talented employees.
  • Outsourcing Recruiting - Outsourcing recruiting to temp agencies, headhunters, and executive search firms can free a business owner up to focus on more important things.
  • Pay for Performance Compensation Plans - Pay for performance compensation plans are win-win for employees and business owners. When pay for performance salaries are properly implemented, everyone shares a common goal of doing what's best for the company.
  • Productivity Management - Productivity improvement can not happen without a strong productivity management system. Learn how to improve productivity within your organization.
  • Renovating Commercial Property - Renovating commercial property can be a great opportunity for successful business owners. You get a great space for your business and an investment that is sure to appreciate in value.
  • Sales Cycle - How well do you understand your sales cycle? Recording the steps in your sales cycle is the first step to take in improving your sales.
  • Sales Forecasting - Sales forecasting isn't just for big companies. Small business owners who develop good sales forecasting tools have a much easier time than those who never forecast.
  • Search Engine Promotion - Search engine marketing is helping many small business to ramp sales to a level that would otherwise never be possible.
  • Setting Up an ESOP - Setting up an ESOP isn't a new concept but Sam Zell's recent success in buying the Chicago Tribune has many of us wondering -- could we too benefit from an ESOP?
  • Technology Considerations for Home Business Owner - Home business technology needs are much different from that of most businesses.
  • VAT Benefits - If you are doing business internationally, it's important to understand the nuances of value-added taxes (VAT). We discuss VAT benefits that you should know about.


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