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Ashwin Satyanarayana

Ash has an undergraduate degree in engineering and an MBA from Ohio University. Today he is a corporate trainer, business coach and a freelance writer.

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Ashwin Satyanarayana is an entrepreneur at heart. He is interested in writing about a broad range of topic from technology to finance.

  • 4 Business Credit Myths That Could Bite You - Small business owners tend to make the mistake of thinking no one is watching their credit history because they are too small to be noticed. This is surely a misconception and this write up tells you why.
  • 4 Creative Ways To Bring Out Elevator Ads - Elevators make for very effective vehicles for advertising your business since those who use elevators tend to stare at your ads because of lack of anything important to do. Have you figured it out yet? Check out some creative ways to produce elevator ads:
  • 4 Crucial Things Missing on Business Cards - Business cards don't just have to be plastic cards exchanged because they have to be exchanged; they can be used for better marketing your business better. However, for cards to be this effective, these cards need to have crucial elements. See what they are:
  • 4 Elements Billboard Ads Must Have - The tables for marketing have been turned around; things are changing rapidly for marketers. Consumers emerge yet again as the force that determines the success of any company selling products and services. Here's how social media allows that to happen:
  • 4 Fancy Expenses Your Business Could Do Without - Setting up a new business can be an expensive undertaking. The main aim of business is to derive profits. If profits leak due to unnoticed expenditure, it may leave you fretting about where the money went. Read on to find out what expenditure you can curb.
  • 4 Free but Effective Ways to Staff Your Business - Staffing your company with the right talent isn't as simple as it sounds. Sometimes, you will find recruiting is a humungous task. Here are a few tips on making recruiting easier & sourcing the right talent.
  • 4 Irritating Habits of the Entrepreneur Next Door - New entrepreneurs often beat their chests about what they know and what they can accomplish. This can be annoying enough to want to keep you out of social circle or business networking. Here are a few hints.
  • 4 Lousy Reasons For Not Scaling Up Your Business - Starting a business requires immense courage and ability to handle challenges. Most entrepreneurs think the challenge of starting a business is good enough and never want to expand or improve business. Here are 4 lousy excuses you will hear.
  • 4 Overlooked Ways Business Collateral Stumps Marketing - Small business owners often tend to rely too much on any one of the different ways of marketing. Some of them don't even do a thing because they just got some marketing collateral like flyers and brochures done; now that's enough, isn't it? It isn't. Here's why:
  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Advertising - How many people do you know who do not own a mobile phone or smart phone today? Market trends show that the rate in increasing by 20% each year. Considering this, text ads are sure to reach a large number of people in a short span of time at incredibly cheap advertising costs. Here are four compelling reasons to use mobile marketing for your business.
  • 4 Simple but Effective Techniques of Entrepreneurs - Successful entrepreneurs are perhaps the first source of priceless lessons for all of us. Would you like emulate successful entrepreneurs and make their success yours? What do you think they did differently from scores of others who tried but failed? Read on
  • 4 Stupid Mistakes with Brochures - Too many businesses focus on making brochures that barely fetch any returns for the investment poured in. Why does that happen? Where are small business owners going wrong with brochures? Let's explore:
  • 4 Superb Ideas For Flyers - Flyers are usually discarded even without a second glance. Do you think businesses can get anything out of their advertising campaigns using flyers at all? Here are four superb ideas you can use for your Flyers:
  • 4 Superb Tips to Publish Profitable Mobile Ads - While the mobile market is constantly growing at 20% per year, more small businesses are adopting mobile advertising. Mobile ads should be short, crisp and generate enough interest for the mobile user to make a call immediately to the sender. Here are a few tips on how to get the most of mobile ads.
  • 4 Tricks to Save Money on Newspaper Ads - Advertising on newspapers has been losing its charm steadily. It just doesn't seem to be getting the returns possible earlier. However, newspaper advertising still makes a lot of sense for some businesses. Here's how they could implement newspaper campaigns effectively:
  • 4 Ways Copy Creeps into Your Business - Everything being done to keep your business afloat has an element of copy in it simply because at every level of your business, you will need to communicate. If that's true, shouldn't it be honed to perfection? Look at how copy creeps into your business:
  • 4 Ways Jerks Help Advertising - No one likes jerks; but it's that attitude that fuels great advertising copy. Most of the copywriting masters have espoused that jerky behaviour and produced some of the most cherished and effective ad copies ever. See how that happens:
  • 4 Ways to Build High-Performance Offices - Building a High Performance office is everybody's dream. This is may be simple, however, takes time and nurturing a culture of work, participation and appreciation. Here are four simple ways in which you can turn your office into a high performance zone.
  • 5 Banking Services to Help You Manage Your Cash-flow - Smart entrepreneurs use facilities available with their banks to leverage cash flow. Simple processes like using online transfers or remote disbursement services can go a long way in helping you maintain cash flow. Discussed here are 5 banking services that help you manage cash flow.
  • 5 Blunders Entrepreneurs Do That Bust Their Own Businesses - Why do small businesses sometimes fail? An atrocious rate of 95 % of start-ups fail within one year. Most often, it is because entrepreneurs do not have a vision for the company. Discussed here are five major reasons.
  • 5 Brutally Effective Ways to Boost Sales - No business will survive without sustained sales. How do iconic brands manage to do so well despite having been around for so long? Read this article to find out how.
  • 5 Effective Secrets to Help Ad Copy - Copywriting is the most precious skill for anyone to learn because this skill literally pays. Effective ad copy is a relentless seller. How do you bring out such copy in your ads? Read on to find out more:
  • 5 Effective Strategies To Bring In Repeat Customers - Retaining customers isn't an easy job. You need to constantly prioritize and refocus your customer retentions strategies. Surprisingly, in a study conducted in 2007, only 50% of the study group of employees from different companies was loyal to brands marketed by the companies they were working for. Given that, it's not alarming to think that not many customers would stick to the same products either.
  • 5 Myths of Self-Employment Busted - Lots of people choose self-employment as their professional career and the number is increasing day-by-day, but everything isn't as rosy as it might seem. Here are some common self-employment myths busted.
  • 5 Profit-Pulling Tips for Managing Vendors to Pump Cash Flow - Vendor and Supplier loyalty is something all small businesses look for as it gives them the leverage to manage Cash Flow. They play a vital role in determining your profitability and the best way to manage inventories is to get these two major players involved in the business process.
  • 5 Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire - Way too much has been said about how to become a millionaire. A lot of people have spoken about it, read books and ultimately, take no action. Here are 5 simple ways you can get back on track and just do it.
  • 5 Things You Forgot To Put On Your Magazine Advertisements - While there are folks who would sit down and read magazines, most others just browse. Either way, you could capture their attention with an ad on magazines. However, most business owners are missing out on the nitty-gritty. Want to see how?
  • 5 Tips for Filing Returns for Sole Proprietors - Started a business on your own? Discovering new things as you go along can get frustrating sometimes, especially, if they need a lot of attention. One such task is filing tax returns. Here's how you can simplify filing returns.
  • 5 Tools That Can Change the Way You Do Business - Small businesses of today are at an advantage when compared to conventional businesses in that they are in a position to leverage technology. From running an e- commerce site to using communication technology, it is cost savings all the way. Here are a few tools you may find improves the way you do business.
  • 5 Tricks to Maintain Work-Life Balance - Have a tough time leaving your office on time? More often than not, do you find that you can't keep up with social & family engagements because you have too much work to do? Well, let's face it, we have only 12 productive hours in a day, and that is never going to change. So how do you make more time? Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time.
  • 5 Ways How Pricing Low Cripples Your Business - Pricing products and services plays a role for promoting and sustaining your business. Pricing products low is the almost a default option for most business owners, but it isn't recommended. Here are five ways how pricing low affects your business.
  • 6 Commandments for Never-ending Cash flow - Growing businesses need cash to keep moving. Keeping cash readily available is almost impossible as there are payments, suppliers & inventories to manage. Here, we discuss six ways in which you can keep your cash flowing at all times.
  • 6 Marketing Tricks You Can Count On - Marketing is a continuous, relentless and everyday process. Given its importance as a business function, here are some six marketing tricks you could probably use for your benefits.
  • 6 Must-Do Activities to Retain Your Employees - Small businesses often tend to forget the importance of keeping their employees happy because they are too focussed on business results. Employees need to feel that their contribution to work is valuable and that the company cares about their personal welfare as well. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your employees stick with you.
  • Benefits of the New Health Bill for Entrepreneurs - The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act or "The Health Care Bill" will change the fate of the healthcare industry. The very fact that insurance will not be denied anymore to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions is a boon in itself. This Act ensures more transparency and better affordability. Here's how it affects entrepreneurs.
  • Creative Ways to Use Video For Marketing Your Business - Video marketing is one of the coolest and really effective ways to market your services, products or business itself. There are plenty of ways it can be done. Read on to dig into more detail about video marketing:
  • Digital Marketing: How to Squeeze All You Can From It - Digital marketing is the new way to market your business. Have you ever wondered how that came to be? Do you want to make the most of your digital marketing or online marketing efforts? Read on to know more
  • Easiest E-Marketing Basics for Your Business - With the advent of e-Marketing and Social Media, conventional marketing methods are not drawing huge lists of potential customers any more. E-Marketing has a greater outreach, is more cost effective and is in step with technological advances. Here are some easy ways to deploy e-marketing for your business.
  • Email Marketing: Subtle but Still Effective - Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods ever conceived so far. It pursues relentlessly and is non-intrusive. It is cheap compared to conventional marketing and it brings results. Here are some easy ways to deploy Email marketing for your business.
  • How To Avoid a Loan Scam - The demand for money is huge as consumerism has grown enormously over the years. The capitalistic economy survives on OPM (Other People's Money). Due to this huge demand, money is being offered as a carrot stick with repercussions unseen by the naked eye. Before you know it, you may get caught in a loan scam. Here is how you can avoid it.
  • How to Collect Receivables from Dodgy Customers - Often small businesses suffer from a crunch in cash flow because some of their customers dodge payments. Here is how you can make your customers pay up on time.
  • How to Emotionally Hook Customers - Consumers buy through emotions and not through logic. Marketing your business successfully is based on understanding the emotional triggers that make the customer reach out for wallets and put the cash on the table. Here are five such emotional triggers you can use.
  • How to Identify Your Primary and Secondary Markets - To successfully market your products, it is imperative that you identify & define your Primary & Secondary markets segments. Once you have done that, the next step is to define your Product Classes & Customer Segments. Here's a detailed explanation.
  • How To Make Your Business Desirable Enough To Be Sold - Developing businesses that can be sold is the key to building assets that can make money multi-fold. Here are some ways to make your business desirable enough to be sold.
  • How to Wring Out Cash by Reducing Inventory - Most often, inventories are where cash flows get stagnated. Managing inventories carefully will help maintain a better cash flow. Here is how you can manage inventories better and get your suppliers involved in the process.
  • How to Write Copy to Get Profit - Words have power -- an incredible power so to speak which can mesmerize, cajole, pamper, inspire, convince or motivate. Words can be effective in getting you business right away. Here's how you can write effective copy to be profitable in business:
  • Jaw Dropping Facts You Might Be Overlooking During Start-up - Thinking about starting a business? Don't take one more step before reading this article. Here are some simple and constructive tips for would-be entrepreneurs. Avoid failing at your start-up venture!
  • Lessons From Your Mother About Business Networking - Business networking is crucial for any entrepreneur's success. However, not everyone finds it easy to do so. Could your mother teach you a thing or two on business networking? She very well could.
  • Marketing Insights from Vodafone's Zoozoo Ads - Advertisements just have one job to do -- communicate about the product service within a short period of time. Here are some amazing marketing insights from Vodafone's ZooZoo series of advertisements that have been a rage in India.
  • Million Dollar Franchisee - You don't have to spend a lot of money and start off a fancy office to be a million dollar franchisee. You just need to do the right things at the right time. Here's what you will need to get started as a million dollar franchisee -- hot tips from successful franchisees.
  • More Jaw Dropping Facts You Might Be Overlooking During Start-up - Thinking about starting a business? Don't take one more step before reading this article. Here are some simple and constructive tips for would-be entrepreneurs. Avoid failing at your start-up venture!
  • Priceless Lessons from Four Impactful Entrepreneurs - Impactful entrepreneurs sharing their experiences where it could be truly inspiring to learn and educate. Here are four interesting accounts of entrepreneurs.
  • Reasons Flyers Fly Without Results - Flyers reach consumers' hands but what after that? How do we gain their attention, trust and make them buy? What ticks and what doesn't? How to derive ROI from your flyer campaigns? Read on to find out:
  • Seven Tips to Grow Your One-Person Business into a Global Company - Today's business environment almost requires you to go global. How do you build an international company? What steps do you take to assure a successful global presence? Here are seven tips to taking your company to the world.
  • Six Best Free Software To Kick Your Business To Successville - Are you looking for free business software? Here is a review of some of the best free software and service options out there for entrepreneurs. Skype, Google docs, Survey Monkey, DimDim, Doomi, and Foxit are all great options for entrepreneurs world-wide.
  • Six Skills Dating Could Teach You about Running a Business - Businesses fail every day. Can you learn anything from your dating experiences to help you be successful in business? Check our the six things you can learn from a pick-up artist that will help your business survive.
  • Six Ways Being a Conventional Entrepreneur Can Hurt You - Leave your competition in the dust by being adaptable to change. From new technologies, hiring techniques and marketing strategies, change can help you become more competitive. Here are six tips for becoming a cutting-edge entrepreneur.
  • Social Media and Marketing - Most small business owners think that social media usage is restricted to teenagers. Social media has immense, positive business fallouts. Social media should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Would you like to know if that decision is justified?
  • Ten Reasons to Keep Your Business Start-up Lean - Starting a business need not be an expensive affair. In fact, small businesses start with almost nothing. Here are some quick pointers why you should keep your business start-up lean
  • Why Owning a Franchise isn't the same as being an Entrepreneur - Do you think being a Franchise is the best route to take to become an entrepreneur? Is this a wise decision to make? Here are some reasons why it is not so.
  • Why Social Media is Different - The tables for marketing have been turned around; things are changing rapidly for marketers. Consumers emerge yet again as the force that determines the success of any company selling products and services. Here's how social media allows that to happen:


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