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Charles Mburugu


Gaebler.com is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Charles Mburugu writes for us from his home in Nairobi. He has a graduate degree in Business Management from Kenya Institute of Management. He is interested in writing about branding, CSR and intellectual property.

Articles written by Charles Mburugu

  • A Beginner's Guide to eBay - More and more people are turning to the income opportunities that eBay has to offer. What are the advantages of starting an eBay business as opposed to any other conventional business? So, how can you get started with business on eBay?
  • Add-On Domains and Parked Domains - Once your website is up and running, you might want to launch other sites. The default way of doing this is to open new hosting accounts and register new domain names. However, it can be expensive to open new hosting accounts, especially when you still have a lot of free bandwidth and space available in your original account.
  • Affiliate Marketing- What Not to Do - Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable online business for anyone who wants to create a continuous profit. As an affiliate, you promote a product, direct customers to the affiliate program's website and you are paid a commission from the sale. Many people claim to have earned millions through affiliate programs but there are many more that do not succeed at affiliate marketing. What are the common causes of affiliate marketing failure?
  • An ACTION plan for Corporate Social Responsibility - SMEs are increasingly realizing the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is about managing environmental and social impacts to help your business reduce risks, improve results and enhance its reputation. Integrating CSR into the way you operate your business, and proactively letting others know what you are doing will not only enhance your business success, but will also benefit the larger community. How can SMEs implement CSR in an effective way?
  • Assessing Online Auction Sites - Selling products at online auction websites can be a very profitable business. Regardless of the product being sold, the decision concerning which auction website a business uses is very vital. How do you go about assessing online auction sites?
  • Basic Freelance Terminoloy - Many new freelancers are very ignorant when it comes to freelancing language. Being familiar with the basic freelancing terminology before starting will make communication with clients much easier, and could help earn some extra cash at that initial stage.
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing - An affiliate is one who joins an affiliate program and signs an agreement or contract with the program to promote their services or products using an affiliate link. The affiliate program pays the affiliate a percentage from sales made through their affiliate link. Some programs a flat rate per lead. What are the benefits in becoming an affiliate marketer?
  • Benefits of Country Specific Domain Names - Most new websites have a tendency to go for domain names with a .net or .com TLD (Top Level Domain). They believe this will make their sites appear more professional and will have an international appeal. In many cases, this is true. However, it may be beneficial to consider buying a domain name with a country-specific TLD.
  • Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility - Today's investors, consumers, employees and governments have become more refined and more conscious of good corporate conduct, or lack thereof. In this modern business environment, where a company's reputation is one of its most treasured assets, CSR has become one of the key ingredients of corporate reputation. So how can CSR help to boost your business operations and achieve a sustainable outcome?
  • Business Names and Mistakes - Naming a business is like laying a building's cornerstone. Once it is in place, the entire structure and foundation is aligned to it. If the cornerstone is off, the whole building is off and the problem becomes magnified. Which are the common mistakes you should avoid when naming or renaming your business?
  • Business Networking Tips - Networking is one of the invaluable elements of global business. Besides being an important aspect of your developing online business, it's also a great way to nurture business relationships and broaden your market reach to potential customers globally. How can you network effectively on the internet?
  • Business Plan Basics for Freelancers - Most successful entrepreneurs if asked about the golden rules of their success would mention selling yourself confidently, wise money management and having a plan. A business plan, which is continually being monitored and reviewed, is one of the most important documents that ensure business success.
  • Characteristics of an Affiliate Marketer - Though some people try to make affiliate marketing sound so easy, there are several characteristics you should have to succeed in the business. What distinguishing characteristics should you possess as an affiliate marketer?
  • Checklist for Web Content - Many internet users are looking for information on specific topics. Using their favorite search engine, they will type in a phrase or word that best describes what they are searching for. If they find the content they require on your site, they may take time to read it. If you have a site with helpful information for your readers, you have a good chance of people finding and revisiting your site. How can you assess the effectiveness of your web content?
  • Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Part 1 - Affiliate Marketing is a powerful and effective way to earn a living online. Through affiliate programs, everyone has an opportunity to make a profit on the internet. Most affiliate marketing programs are easy to join and pay a commission on a regular basis. This has resulted in many people joining this promising business venture. What are the common mistakes made by affiliate marketers?
  • Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Part 2 - Affiliate Marketing is a powerful and effective way to earn a living online. Through affiliate programs, everyone has an opportunity to make a profit on the internet. Most affiliate marketing programs are easy to join and pay a commission on a regular basis. This has resulted in many people joining this promising business venture. What are the common mistakes made by affiliate marketers?
  • Contextual Advertising - As an affiliate marketer, another form of marketing you could consider is contextual advertising, otherwise known as Banner Ad Networks. This is simply a form of focused marketing for advertisements which appear on websites and other media. The advertisements are chosen and served by automated systems according to the site content displayed. Though the payouts for banner advertising have decreased over the years, they can still be profitable if properly utilized and offer more options than before.
  • CPA Marketing - CPA marketing has been the topic of many online discussions in recent years. Many courses and e-books have been created on the subject. CPA (Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition) is a performance based advertising system where affiliates are paid upon completion of a qualifying action. So how exactly does CPA marketing work and how can you benefit from it as an affiliate?
  • Create a Professional Niche Website - Web design is a crucial aspect of niche marketing. If you want to be recognized as a professional in your niche, you should reflect a professional image to your website visitors. Whether you like it or not, the truth is first impressions matter and no less on the internet. How do you go about creating a professional-looking website?
  • Create a Website Marketing Plan - For many affiliate marketers, finding the commitment and time to develop an internet marketing plan is not easy. There are many other commitments competing for our attention that strategies eventually get pushed aside. However, ignoring strategies puts your business at a disadvantage. How do you go about creating an effective website marketing plan?
  • Domain Name Secrets - Before registering a domain name, there are things you need to know which might save you some money and time. What should your domain name say? How do you find an attention-grabbing domain name? To begin with, don't simply think of your domain name as the title for your website or business. You should see it as a headline, something which appeals to the needs, desires and wants of your target market. What are the secrets to getting the perfect domain name?
  • Domain Name Speculation - Domain name speculation has grown into a big business in recent years. It involves purchasing domain names that look valuable, and holding on to them in the hope that someone might want to buy it off in the future. This can be very lucrative with high value domain names. For instance, business.com was sold for more than $7million! So, what issues should you consider before venturing into the domain name speculation business?
  • Earn Six Figure Income Part 1 - Freelance writing can yield very good returns for someone who enjoys writing and is good at it. However, there are many good freelance writers who work very hard, yet have little to show for it. How can you earn a six-figure salary as a freelance writer?
  • Earn Six Figure Income Part 2 - Freelance writing can yield very good returns for someone who enjoys writing and is good at it. However, there are many good freelance writers who work very hard, yet have little to show for it. How can you earn a six-figure salary as a freelance writer?
  • eBay Affiliate Program - Becoming an eBay affiliate is a simple way of making an income online. EBay has many examples of successful people who have made a lot of money with their affiliate program. So how can you generate some income using the eBay affiliate program?
  • Elements of Viral Marketing - Viral marketing refers to any tactic that encourages individuals to convey a marketing message to others, thus creating the possibility of exponential growth in the message's influence and exposure. Like viruses, such tactics take advantage of fast multiplication to blast the message to thousands or millions. Off the internet, viral marketing is known as "creating a buzz", "word-of-mouth", "network marketing" or "leveraging the media". But on the internet, it's called viral marketing. What are the elements of viral marketing?
  • Enhancing Your Online Marketing Presence - Increasingly, online marketing is becoming a vital part of ant marketing plan. Implementing the programs in your plan is as crucial. To ensure progress, you should set aside time every day for marketing online. What strategies can you use to enhance your online marketing presence?
  • Essentials for a Successful Freelancing Career - Many people have thought about being self-employed at one point of their lives. However, many are unaware of what it takes to launch a productive freelancing business. What are some of the most important factors you may need to consider before you can engage clients and grow your business?
  • Evaluating Website Statistics - Are you always aware of what's happening at your website? How many unique visitors did you get and which pages did they look at? If you have no idea, you need to become an expert at interpreting your website's statistics.
  • Five Telecommuting Misconceptions Revealed - Avoid the stress of early mornings and commuting! Work at home in your shorts! Set your hours! Keep the children close to you! All these sound great. It is true that working at home has its advantages. For many individuals, telecommuting helps them avoid commuting, set flexible hours and spend more time with their children. But these are not guaranteed. Before venturing into the unknown waters of telecommuting, it is important that one is aware of the many misconceptions about the whole idea of working from home.
  • Five Things to Know Before Freelancing - The thought of professionals working at home, setting their own hours, and reaping huge monetary rewards from the internet sounds great. However, there are many myths about self employment going around, and it is important for everyone to know the truth about working at home.
  • Freelance Writing Options - So, you have chosen to pursue a career in freelance writing. Your computer is hooked up, printer installed and you have learnt how your word processor works. You are ready to go out and conquer the publishing world. But wait. Are you aware of all the options available for freelance writing?
  • Freelance Writing-How to Create a Resume - Your resume is a marketing tool you can use to showcase experience in writing. Many companies will want to see your resume and writing samples in response to an advertisement. How do you go about creating a writing resume?
  • Getting Started With Business Networking - Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, networking knowledge is very crucial to the success of your business. There is a common idea that that people engage in business with those they know, trust and like. The bottom line is the ability to nurture relationships. Networking is the nurturing of win-win, mutually beneficial relationships. To have a win-win situation, there must be a give and take relationship. So where do you begin with business networking?
  • Getting Started With Freelance - Embarking on any new career can be overwhelming and intimidating. Knowing where to start is more difficult when you want to work from home independently, for example as a freelance writer. There is no boss or company to give you feedback, work does not come automatically, and the paycheck is not always guaranteed at the end of the month. How can an aspiring freelance content writer get started?
  • Growing and Maintaining a Feed Subscriber Base - Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a technology which enables webmasters to easily publish and distribute syndicated content online. When you establish an RSS feed and have subscribers, it is crucial that you have a plan for growing and retaining subscribers to your RSS feed.
  • How to Apply For Blogging Jobs Part 1 - Many blogging jobs are advertised daily. Advertisers receive many applicants for such positions, some with amazing quality. However, many individuals miss such opportunities because of poor application skills. How can one apply effectively for a blogging job?
  • How to Apply For Blogging Jobs Part 2 - Many blogging jobs are advertised daily. Advertisers receive many applications for such positions, some with amazing quality. However, many individuals miss such opportunities because of poor application skills. How can one apply effectively for a blogging job?
  • How to Build a List with a Squeeze Page - Most internet marketing experts agree that you don't really have a business if you don't have a list. Building lucrative list is an important element of your internet marketing success. Your customer list is the most important asset in your business. In online marketing, the customer list is the key to business success. How can you build a lucrative customer list using a squeeze page?
  • How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Website - A well designed website is one of the most important tools for effective affiliate marketing. Which guidelines can you follow to build an effective and profitable affiliate marketing website?
  • How to Build Website Credibility - If you have a business website and are trying to sell something, it is essential that you are able to build and maintain credibility. When you ask people to buy from you, they need to be convinced why they should purchase from you and not from another site or your competitor. So how do you go about building website credibility?
  • How to Choose a Web Hosting Service Part 1 - Care, curiosity and caution are advised when choosing a web hosting service. Don't be quick to jump at any web host available. Shop around for one that offers most of the qualities you are looking for, and at a price you can afford. What guidelines can you use when selecting a host for your website?
  • How to Choose a Web Hosting Service Part 2 - Care, curiosity and caution are advised when choosing a web hosting service. Don't be quick to jump at any web host available. Shop around for one that offers most of the qualities you are looking for, and at a price you can afford. What guidelines can you use when selecting a host for your website?
  • How to Create Residual Income - Many new online marketers think they have they can earn a residual income without putting any effort into affiliate marketing. But is this really how it works? Many affiliates have embraced this mindset and have ended up making nothing because they create a website and don't do anything to encourage people to visit. If this is your way of thinking, maybe you should forget about affiliate marketing all together because you can't just sit and expect cash to roll in. How can you create a residual income as an affiliate marketer?
  • How to Find a Freelance Job - For freelancers who are looking for work-at-home jobs, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that freelance positions actually exist and they keep growing daily. The bad news is that you are unlikely to find such positions posted on the internet or in the local newspaper. How then can freelancers go about finding suitable telecommuting jobs?
  • How to Find the Perfect Freelance Writer - When searching for an ideal writer, it is tempting to go for the lowest bidder so as to save a few dollars. When you are looking for a writer, cost should not be the main focus of your search. You can still get affordable writers without price being the main determinant factor of your decision. How do you go about finding the ideal writer to create your content?
  • How to Generate Income from a Website - A website is normally used as a medium of relaying information, and/or selling products and services. If you own a website, there are several things you can do to earn an extra income for yourself.
  • How to Get Free Web Traffic - Getting traffic is a vital task for any webmaster. However, you can't get traffic one time and expect to reap the benefits immediately. Getting traffic is a never ending task and you must be continuously doing it, if you wish to get and keep traffic. How can you get traffic at no cost?
  • How to Identify Affiliate Marketing Scams - Thanks to legitimate online affiliate marketing, many people are making good money working from home. However, there are several affiliate marketing scams in the pretext of genuine online marketing opportunities. Such scams are aimed at making their creators rich without benefiting their associates or customers. Work at home scams and email scams have no chance of real success, thus promoting them is a waste of time. How can you identify affiliate marketing scams?
  • How to Implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in SMEs - More and more businesses are beginning to put into action CSR into their organizations. In order to achieve the full benefits, businesses should be aware of where they are and their ultimate destination. What are the most effective strategies for implementing CSR?
  • How to Increase Your Affiliate Income - When it comes to affiliate marketing, focus is very important. You want to draw visitors to your site, tell them how your products can help them, and why they need to order right away. This process should be kept very simple and straightforward. What strategies can you use to increase your affiliate income?
  • How to Redeem 'Stolen' Ideas - Have you ever had a fantastic idea and then later you saw someone else acting on it? Even more baffling is when you told no one about the idea, and yet someone thought of the same thing and acted on it before you could. How do you redeem such a situation?
  • How to Repurpose Web Content - The idea of content repurposing is still a relatively unfamiliar to many people. Content repurposing simply means taking your existing information or content and reusing it for a different purpose or in a different format. For instance, you could take forum posts and convert them into blog posts or articles. What are the different ways in which you can repurpose your web content?
  • How to Set Targets in Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is increasingly becoming a popular way of earning money online. However, many people get into the business with no idea of what they want to achieve and what it will cost them. What are some of the targets you should set as an affiliate marketer?
  • How to Start a Career as a Freelancer - Nowadays, many people have decided to take the future into their own hands and embrace the freedom that come with freelancing. They are able to set their own hours, work as little or as much as they wish, take vacations at their leisure and spending quality time with their families. The question is, how does one start a career as a freelancer?
  • How to Use RSS for Business Success - RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a relatively recent technology which allows anyone who creates fast-changing web content, such as blogs and news, to get their messages to interested readers with minimal fuss, and best of all, no spam.
  • Internet Business Startup Tips - Don't allow your online business aspirations and dreams die just because you are not sure where to start, have memories of a bad experience or are afraid of failing. There are start-up secrets and tips to the success of your online business that when fully exploited, can maximize your business longevity and productivity.
  • Mastering Internet Marketing - What is the secret to succeeding in internet marketing? First, it's all about the basics. Mastering internet marketing is about excelling in the basics. All internet marketers engage in the same activities, but some do it better and make much more money. So what are the secrets for mastering internet marketing?
  • Obstacles to Corporate Social Responsibility - Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in the ensuring the overall development of a nation. But when it comes to the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), only a handful of small businesses are seen as successful. What are the main factors that hinder CSR in SMEs and how can they be overcome?
  • Obstacles to Finding Freelance Jobs - It is not easy for freelancers to find work in today's job market, especially if they have no formal education or have little work experience. However, even with the right qualifications and experience, attempts to get home-based freelance employment may be futile, as well as emotionally and financially draining. What are the obstacles to finding freelance work and how can they be overcome?
  • Online Auction Retail: Getting Started - Online auction retailing has become a popular business choice for many people all over the world. It allows you to work from home and be a useful retailer at the same time.
  • Online Auction: Business Entity Information - For many entrepreneurs who work at home, online auctions are a source of steady income. For others though, online auctions provide a way to decongest the attic and basement and make a little profit. With its increasing popularity, most people know about online auctions and many are involved either as a seller or buyer. What factors should be considered before venturing into an online auction business?
  • Online Auction: Tips for Tracking Inventory - Tracking inventory helps online auction retailers stay informed about the movement of their inventory. This reduces the quantity of inventory that is required to be kept at hand, as well as saves storage space. How do you go about keeping track of your inventory?
  • Online Marketing Techniques - There is no 'magic formula' to creating a successful website. However, you can concoct your own magic with a combination of marketing programs that suit you. Your choices will depend on your overall strategies and goals.
  • Online Retail Business - Big companies in the consumer goods market are known to place stringent and restrictive controls on their distribution channels. This has made it difficult for the start-up, small online retailer to get access to merchandise. How can the small retailer be creative in order to overcome this obstacle?
  • Personal Branding Tips - A powerful personal brand will help you get things moving. People respond to powerful personal brands. If you work on your personal brand, your opinions will count and you will be hard to ignore. So how can you build your personal brand?
  • Product Creation Tips for a Niche Market - How is it that some niche marketers create product after product, while others struggle to come up with one product idea, let alone creating a product? If you are having a hard time coming up with product ideas, there are some tips that can activate your creativity.
  • Promote Your Business with E-Mail Signature - Creating an email signature file is an effective way of passively promoting your business. People don't normally think much of this powerful marketing tool and thus lose miss out on an opportunity to get more customers. So how can you create and effectively market your email signature?
  • Publicity for Small Businesses Websites - Promoting your internet business or website can be done in two ways; publicity and advertising. Advertisements are things you create, control and pay for. Publicity is something another person says or writes about you when you have done something noteworthy, interesting or good.
  • Re-Inclusion in Google - The fact that your site is excluded from Google's index could mean two things. First, it could mean that you are not yet included, though you have submitted a request for inclusion. It is normal to wait for sometime before a new website is indexed. Exclusion could also be as a result of a violation on your website. This is a real SEO nightmare and you will have to take certain steps to correct this situation. So how can you work towards re-inclusion in Google?
  • Resell Rights - If you don't have a product of your own, or don't have the time, inclination, or experience to develop one, resell rights is an excellent way of starting a niche business.
  • RSS Do's and Don'ts - RSS is not a very common word, but technologically savvy individuals are making use of RSS feeds at a fast rate. If you would like to get on board but are not quite sure where to begin, there are some RSS feed tips that you can sue to maximize feed compatibility and ensure your feed stands out from the crowd.
  • Self-Assessment for Freelancers - Being a freelancer is a pretty lonely career, always filled with change, and a little unstable. The tough road of self employment is very unpredictable, filled with difficulties that come in form of notes that say "no, thank you" or rejection letters from once-potential employers and customers. At times, personal finance is a challenge, and the cost of healthcare has to be absorbed alone. Is self employment suitable for you?
  • SEO Maintenance Plan - A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) maintenance plan will enable your site to enhance its rankings, make more sales and attract more visitors. It is not enough to just design your website, optimize it for search engines and expect it to always rank well by itself. If abandoned, you could lose the business which your website generated at the beginning. What are the elements of an SEO maintenance plan?
  • SEO Mistakes to Avoid - Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a vital element of successful online business. However, there are many people going about it the wrong way. Which are the most common SEO mistakes to avoid?
  • SEO Terms Defined Part 1 - Part 1 of 2-Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an essential tool for every online business. However, for many business owners, marketing managers, and even webmasters, it is still a mystery. This is partly because it's a new and rapidly evolving field, and also due to the fact that SEO terminologies are not easily understood by the average person. What are the common terms used in SEO and what do they mean?
  • SEO Terms Defined Part 2 - Part 2 of 2-Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an essential tool for every online business. However, for many business owners, marketing managers, and even webmasters, it is still a mystery. This is partly because it's a new and rapidly evolving field, and also due to the fact that SEO terminologies are not easily understood by the average person. What are the common terms used in SEO and what do they mean?
  • Sources of Content for Affiliates - As an affiliate, it is crucial that you have your own website. Having a website is not the hardest part -- the hard part is that your website has to get traffic! Search engines are offering more credibility, and traffic, to websites with many pages of updated content. They reason that if a site has many pages that are regularly updated, the website has more credibility. So, how do you go about updating your content so as to draw more traffic to your website?
  • Strategies for Repurposing Web Content - Content repurposing enables you to create new tools and products that can help increase traffic volume and subscribers. This can lead to opportunities for additional revenue, without having to create new information from scratch. What strategies can you use to repurpose your web content?
  • Telecommuting Questions Answered - People are always asking questions about work-at-home employment. There is more misinformation out there than reliable information concerning working at home. What are some of the most common questions asked in regards to telecommuting?
  • The Benefits of Competition - Competition in the world of business is commonly viewed in a negative light, but doesn't have to be the case. Competition can be a good thing for you, your competitor and particularly your customer. What are the ways in which competitors can benefit you?
  • The Freelance Writer’s Toolkit - Specialists in every field have a set of tools that makes them successful and comfortable at what they do. A doctor's toolkit, compared to a car mechanic's, are very different but yet so important to each of them in order to be successful in their work. In the same way, every freelance writer who wants to succeed in his business should have a specialist toolkit. What are the essential items for a freelance writer's toolkit?
  • The Importance of Updating Web Content - A common saying among webmasters is "Content is king"! And not just any content, but regularly updated content. Adding fresh content to your website often is the basis for your success online. There are several reasons for this.
  • The Role of Human Resource Management in CSR - Human resource professionals play a major role in helping a business attain its CSR objectives. Employee participation is a crucial success factor for CSR performance. How can your human resource function influence employee engagement in, and commitment to, the firm's CSR strategy?
  • Things to Consider Before Becoming a Freelancer - Before embarking on any kind of venture, it helps to be clear on what that venture entails and to plan for that venture. Quite often, people make a decision to become a freelancer and work at home, but are not certain about what kind of work they will do, or even whether they are suited for a telecommuting life. What factors should people consider before freelancing?
  • Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success - Affiliate marketing programs can be a major source of income. The key to maximum earnings is to engage your readers. Affiliates are only paid if and when a particular action is performed. The action could be signing up for or purchasing a newsletter. What principles can you follow to succeed in affiliate marketing?
  • Tips for Choosing Domain Names - People purchase domain names for many varying reasons. At times, the domain name is for a business purpose, such as an e-commerce website. At other times, domain names are purchased for personal reasons, as well as purchasing just to prevent someone else from accessing the name and abusing it. Whatever the reason for purchase, you should give thought to the choice of your domain name.
  • Tips for Contracting Ghostwriters - Do you feel guilty for either needing or wanting to outsource all or some of your writing to other people? Well, you should not. Many other businesses do the same thing, and as a result make good money. Quite a number of online businesses outsource their writing needs. Even famous bloggers have been known to hire ghostwriters to write on their behalf! How do you go about contracting a good ghostwriter?
  • Tips for Domain Name Registration - Domain name registration is a necessary first step in establishing and maintaining an online presence. A well selected domain name can be the key to your new site's success in various ways, the most important of these being additional search engine traffic.
  • Tips for Effective Customer Surveys - The idea of "Don't ask, don't tell" does not work in website hosting, or any other business for that matter. Not when it concerns finding out your customers' opinions about your products or services. Unless you regularly ask customers their opinion of you, they are unlikely to volunteer their thoughts. Only when they really dislike you will you know what they think, but then it might be too late to retain them as customers. So how do you go about finding out what your customers think about you, your products or your services?
  • Tips for Freelance Writers - A freelancer is someone who works on a freelance basis or on a contract. As a freelancer, you are an expert or a specialist in your field. Freelance writing is one of the most popular areas of freelance work. How can you get started and succeed as a freelance writer?
  • Tips to Avoid Spambots - Despite the fact that it is illegal, harvesting email addresses from the internet using automated robots continues unabated. Spammers looking for fresh email addresses send software spider programs into the internet to suck email addresses from guest books, web pages and wherever you may post your email address. Once they obtain your email address, spammers will then trade it around. This leads to a flood of emails in your inbox. How can you avoid being spammed?
  • Two-Tier Affiliate Marketing - When your affiliate marketing business is growing and you have an effective website, you could now consider two-tier affiliate marketing as the next level towards creating a residual income for yourself. The main features of two-tier affiliate programs are the lifetime commissions on future products and the number of affiliates you can have underneath you. By joining programs which offer two-tier affiliate commissions, you will be generating more money. So how does two-tier affiliate marketing work?
  • Web Content Repurposing Tips - Many people have the mindset that content has to be original and fresh, and fail to look outside the box for solutions to their content needs. Content repurposing means changing existing information or content and using it for a different purpose. The repurposing process makes good business sense since you can earn additional revenue from traffic and subscribers without creating new content from scratch. What ideas can you apply in repurposing your web content?
  • Web Directories for SEO - If you are thinking of ways to promote your website, web directories should be included as part of your promotional plan. Web directories offer web visitors a one stop destination on the internet to get the information they are looking for. In addition, using web directories can increase your website's visibility and results in many other benefits.
  • Web Hosting Basics - Many people are still relatively unfamiliar with the concept of web hosting. However, everyone who wants to have their website hosted needs to be familiar with some basics about web hosting.
  • Website Optimization - One of the biggest topics in the Internet currently is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a crucial element of a professional website. It has never been more critical to consider the selection of your description and title. Most website traffic is brought in by search engines. Keywords are a vital part of SEO. However, many webmasters overdo it. Keywords are an important tool in search engine ranking. So how can you use keywords to your advantage?
  • Website Promotion Methods - If you build a website, visitors will automatically come. No, they won't! Building a website is not sufficient. No one is going to visit the site if there are no links to it anywhere. The site will not even appear is search engine listings without some incoming links. You will need to do some promotion in order to get some traffic. What web promotion techniques can you use to increase traffic?
  • Website Promotion Using Articles - Writing and distribution of articles is quickly becoming a choice method of website promotion. However, if the articles are not of high quality, using articles for promotion becomes pointless. Web publishers are seeking for quality content to offer their subscribers and visitors. Web publishers are unlikely to use articles that have a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. According to the terms of use, publishers don't have the permission to alter articles, even when they have the inclination and the time to correct errors. When they come across an article with many mistakes, they bypass it even if the article has a great message. If the author took time to polish it up, it would have been very usable. What guidelines can you follow to write quality articles?
  • Why Freelance Writers Fail - The online freelance writing industry continues to expand rapidly since all websites require quality content for a high ranking in search engines. Website owners are always outsourcing their articles and blogs to freelance writers. There is fierce competition among freelance writers for the writing projects available. As a result, most writers find it difficult to make a full time living out of writing. What are the common causes of failure among freelance writers?
  • Work at Home - If you are planning to start a home business, there are things you should consider first. Many people just jump into the first opportunity they see. You need to conduct a comprehensive research before signing on the dotted line. What are some of the things you need to consider before taking on any home based opportunity?
  • Working With Your Spouse - Have you ever worked together with your spouse on a big project? For most people, working with their spouses can be a hair-raising experience. If things are not going as well as you would like, there are a few tips that you can apply and hopefully change your circumstances.





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