June 5, 2020  
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Growth Trends in Franchising

Take a sneak peek at the hottest franchising trends. Some franchise opportunities are booming while other franchise offerings are slowing down. What are the hot franchising trends? Here are four franchise segments that are on the rise and showing strong growth potential.

Predicting the next franchise sensation is not easy. Sometimes it seems that successful franchises just appear overnight.
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In fact, there are a wide range of factors – some predictable, some not so predictable – that help determine which franchises make it big in any given year. For would-be franchisees, staying on top of those factors can make all the difference between a successful franchise and a franchising flop.

One of the factors that is frequently relied upon to predict trends in franchising is demographics. Demographics analyze what is happening in various segments of the population, i.e. the purchasing public. By studying market demographics, analysts gain a general sense of buying trends that will affect the demand for certain types of products and services – strong indicators of success for start-up businesses and franchises.

Presently, two demographic realities have caught the attention of those who engage in market demographics and analysis: Americans are getting older and they are more squeezed for time than ever before. Both of these realities create opportunities for franchises. Franchises that are capable of addressing these needs with marketplace solutions will have a significant advantage over other franchise opportunities.

Senior Care Franchises

Despite the challenges of an aging America, the upcoming senior boom is creating the need for services designed to meet the needs of senior citizens. Franchises that provide senior-care services will experience a significant upswing in the coming years. Since many seniors prefer to remain in their homes as long as possible, franchises that offer in-home senior care services are positioned to reap the most rewards.

Child-Related Franchises

Another hot trend in franchising is toward franchises that provide services for children. The need for dual incomes has been a major factor in the time squeeze currently being experienced by many families. But despite their lack of spare time, parents still want their kids to receive every possible advantage. Franchises that specialize in top-quality childcare, enrichment programs, children's fitness, and other child-related services help parents meet that need and should continue to experience profitability into the foreseeable future.

Technology Franchises

Technology franchises have also benefited from the time crunch. American consumers continue to turn to technology to save time and increase efficiency. Yet many consumers aren't tech-savvy enough to understand new technologies on their own, and so they seek out businesses that specialize in training people how to set-up and use technological applications. With the frenetic pace of technological advances, franchises that offer computer training and consulting services will be in high demand for many years to come.

Home Improvement Franchises

Yet another observable consumer trend is the demand for home improvement supplies and services. Perhaps it's the combination of aging and a fast-paced lifestyle that has instigated the desire among consumers to consistently invest in upgrades to their private sanctuaries. Whatever the reason, the home improvement industry is big business. Franchises that assist and equip homeowners in their quest to enhance their homes are hot right now and there is no reason to believe that this trend won't continue, creating more and more opportunities for enterprising franchisees.

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