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Rayzelle Forrest Young is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Rayzelle is an entrepreneur and writer. Based on her experiences as an owner of her own dance studio, she will share her personal tips on being a successful entrepreneur.

Articles written by Rayzelle Forrest Young

Rayzelle Forrest Young has been a freelance writer for 15 years. She is interested in all aspects of business writing.

  • Achieve Entrepreneur Success with Optimism - Tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur by employing optimism techniques.
  • Achieving Business Speaking Success - Highlights the essential elements needed for a successful business presentation. Discusses the importance of humor, audience participation and sharing short stories
  • Advertising on Bus Benches - Explains how to decide whether or not a bus bench ad campaign is right for your business. Learn how to go about setting up this form of advertising in order to market your products or services.
  • Advertising on Standard Billboards - Highlights the pros and cons of using billboard advertising. Gives tips on how to compose an effective advertising campaign using billboards.
  • Advertising with a Digital Billboard - Highlights the growing industry of digital billboard ad campaigns. Discusses how to effectively promote your business using this advertising medium.
  • Advertising Your Business to Seniors - This article outlines how to effectively advertise your business to senior. Discusses the correct medium to use and how to use it when doing this.
  • Avoiding Burnouts in Your Home Business - Tips on how to avoid feeling burned out and overworked while operating your home business. Discusses the importance of taking care of yourself properly in order to stay motivated.
  • Become a Wedding Planner - Tips on how to start a business as a wedding planner. Discusses the importance of having an excellent wedding portfolio to get clients.
  • Blimp Advertising - Explains the advantages of using blimp advertising to promote your business. Highlights reusability, affordability and durability
  • Blog Sweepstakes - Learn tips on promoting your business with an internet blog sweepstakes. Follow these detailed steps in order to use this form of business promotion.
  • Boost Sales With School Social Awareness - Highlights three business types and how they can participate in school social awareness campaigns to help boost sales. Discusses how almost any business can take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Build Business With Free Ezines - Explains the advantages of using a free ezine to promote your business.
  • Building a Global Business - Provides tips on how to use the internet and college campuses in order to gain international connections and customers. Learn about the importance of a good product or service when doing this.
  • Choosing Your Logo Design Company - Discusses the importance of designing your business logo and how to choose the right company to do it.
  • Convert Website Visitors into Buyers - Tips on how to get your website visitors to become buyers. Highlights five key elements your site should have in order to make your site successful.
  • Creating Your Business Brochure - This article explains how to create an effective business brochure that will hold the attention of your target audience.
  • Dog Walking Business - Tips on how to start a dog walking business. Points out that this can be started right in your own neighborhood.
  • Effective Email Customer Service - Advice on how to run an effective email customer service program. Emphasizes the importance of using a personal and conversational tone to make the customer feel important.
  • Effective Marketing for your Business - This article highlights effective marketing techniques to promote your small business. It focuses on offline as well as online methods.
  • Effective Newspaper Ads - Tips on creating a newspaper ad that stands out from all the others. Explains the importance of using attention grabbing headlines and being concise.
  • Effectively Researching Your Competition - Highlights online and offline tactics to use when researching your business competition.
  • Facebook Fan Page Promotion - Discusses the benefits of using a face book fan page to promote your business.
  • Finding Minority Business Grants - Tips on how to find a minority business grant to get your business off the ground. Emphasizes the use of the internet to conduct your search.
  • Five Businesses You Can Start for Under 20 Bucks - Discusses how to start five legitimate businesses for less than $20.
  • Flea Market Idea - Discusses the advantages of starting a flea market business.
  • Flea Market Marketing - Article highlights how you can build a successful flea market business and discusses marketing techniques that will build customer loyalty and help to make you more money.
  • Flea Market to International Market - Explains how to use the internet to take your business from flea market to international market.
  • Free Newspaper Advertising - Highlights using an advertising co-op to get free newspaper advertising. Gives step by step instructions on how it's done.
  • Free Radio Publicity for your Business - Are you looking for free advertising? This article explains how to get free radio publicity for your business.
  • Free TV Advertising - Provides information on how to get free tv advertising for your business. Highlights three ways to take advantage of events, auctions and talk shows in order to get free airtime.
  • Grassroots Marketing - A grassroots marketing campaign is essential to the success of your business locally. This article highlights things you can do in your community on and off the internet in order to build a positive presence with your local market.
  • Grassroots Marketing for Food Products - Learn about a grassroots marketing approach to promoting your food business. If you are a foody entrepreneur, it is important to develop community relationships.
  • Grassroots Marketing with Clothing - This article discusses how and why to use grassroots marketing for clothing. It discusses who to speak to and when to enlist their help.
  • Handling a Difficult Customer - Highlights techniques to use when encountered by a difficult customer.
  • How to Get Your Sales Letter Opened - Gives advice on how to draw attention to your sales letter and discusses how this can increase the response rate to your direct mail marketing campaign.
  • How to run a Dance Studio - Tips on how to get a dance studio up and running. Highlights the importance of protecting yourself financially and finding a good place to run your dance studio.
  • How to Start a Driver's Education Business - Need a push in the right direction for starting a driver training business? This article explains the requirements and necessary steps to get you going.
  • Increase Customer's Website Visit Time - This article explains how to get website visitors to browse your site for longer amounts of time. Learn about the importance of this in order to increase the likelihood of visitors making a purchase.
  • Increase Mail Response with Graphics - Discusses the importance of using graphics in your sales copy. Explains how this technique can be use to get people to read the most important information in your sales message.
  • Increase Sales with Fundraisers - Explains the benefits of having an organization use your products to host a fundraiser. Emphasizes the importance of having the fundraiser coincide with a holiday or special occasion.
  • Keep Your Customers with Greeting Card Marketing - Tips on how and when to use greeting card marketing to keep your existing customers.
  • Marketing to Teens - Learn techniques you should use when marketing your business to teens. Tips for making your product relate to teens in order to get them to buy from you.
  • Marketing with a Facebook Contest Page - Discusses the benefits of a Facebook contest page in order to promote your business. Gives a detailed process on how to get the page up and running.
  • Marketing with a Flipbook - You loved flipbooks when you were little, why not use flipbooks to market your business? This article highlights the benefits of marketing your business with flipbooks. Keep reading for examples of how to use this unique marketing tool.
  • Marketing with SEO Articles - This article explains the benefits of using SEO articles to market your business online. Learn techniques on using keywords and keyphrases to write articles that are easily found by search engines.
  • Marketing with Voice Broadcasting - This article gives advice on how to use voice broadcasting as a form of business marketing. Learn about the advantages of using this as a tool for mass communication in order to reach customers and potential customers.
  • Marketing your Business Online for Free - Entrepreneurs are always looking for cost effective ways to find new customers. How about free? This article outlines methods that are free and easy and can be done without the help of a professional.
  • Marketing Your Business with a Free E-Book - This article explains the importance of marketing your business with a free e-book. Discusses what to include in the e-book to make it effective as a promotional tool.
  • Marketing Your Business with a Free Website - Explains the benefits of marketing with a free website. Learn what you should look for when choosing a free web hosting company for your website.
  • Marketing Your Business with Craigslist - This article explains how to effectively market your business on Craigslist. Find valuable tips for posting ads on Craigslist to drive customers to your business.
  • Marketing Your Business with SEO Content Writing - You've heard SEO content writing is good for your business's website but what is it exactly? This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how SEO content writing can be used to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Outsourcing Your Telemarketing to Canada - This article explains how to make use of Canadian telemarketing agencies to run your telemarketing campaign. Learn about what features to look for when partnering with a call center.
  • Parenting Coach - Gives step by step instructions on how to become a parenting coach
  • Promote Your Business with Facebook - Gives details on how to set up a Facebook group and use it as a promotional tool. Discusses using wall posts and other group features to your advantage.
  • Promoting Your Business with Wristbands - Explains the advantages of using wristbands a promotional product at events and tradeshows.
  • Promotional Products for your Business - This article explains how to use promotional products as a form of business marketing. It explains how you should use this method to set yourself apart from competitors by using non-traditional products.
  • Protecting Your Business - This article discusses the importance of using no loitering signs outside your place of business. Explains how they can help protect you, your customers, your employees and your business as a whole.
  • Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing - Explains the advantage of mobile marketing or marketing by way of text message. Discusses how its ability to reach massive amounts of people can increase your customers and make your business more money.
  • Recession Proof Your Business - This article discusses how to keep your business alive and well during a time of recession. Learn specific techniques to use in order to keep make your customers feel special and keep them doing business with you.
  • Rooftop Advertising - Discusses the effectiveness of rooftop advertising and how it can get customers to recognize your business.
  • Running an Efficient Residential Cleaning Service - Tips on how to operate a successful residential cleaning service. Discusses the importance of sticking to a schedule and being prepared for each job
  • Scent Marketing - Discusses the positive effects of scent marketing and how it can be used to increase your business revenue.
  • Secrets to Running a Couple Owned Business - Advice on how to succeed as a couple owned business. Highlights the importance of clarifying duties and taking time for yourself as well as each other
  • Selling to Passive People - Gives advice on dealing with passive customers. Emphasizes the importance of giving these customers space to think while asking questions in order to help guide the purchase
  • Start a Home Catering Business - Tips on how to get a home catering business up and running. Discusses the importance of formal training and proper experience.
  • Start a Pet Sitting Business - This article provides the reader with information in regards to starting a Pet Sitting Business. It covers important topic such as Pet CPR and licensing.
  • Start a Recession Proof Business - This article highlights 3 recession proof businesses that you can start. Learn how to choose a business that people will continue to buy from no matter what their financial situation is.
  • Start a Shoe Designing Company - Discusses the process of starting a shoe design company. Emphasizes the importance of a good business plan.
  • Start an Interior Design Business - This article gives the basics needed for starting an interior design business. Learn about the importance of education, experience and marketing in order to get this business off the ground.
  • Starting a Beauty Salon - If beauty has been a passion of yours and you're thinking about starting your own business, why not start a beauty salon. Since people are obsessed about their appearance and probably always will be, this can be a lucrative business to go into.
  • Starting a Cell Phone Affiliate Website - Discusses how to start a business with a cell phone affiliate website. Goes into detail about using promotional tools and continuous online marketing.
  • Starting a Children's Transportation Service - This article is about starting a children's transportation service as a home based business. Here are details about what is needed to get your business up and running.
  • Starting a Clickbank - Gives tips on how to get started as an affiliate marketer with click bank.
  • Starting a Community Newspaper - Tips on how to plan and start a successful community newspaper. Emphasizes the importance of a solid financial structure and developing community relations.
  • Starting a Dog Travel Agency - Starting a dog travel agency? Learn everything you need to know about starting a profitable dog travel agency.
  • Starting a Fashion Design Company - Explains steps to take in order to become a successful fashion designer. Highlights the importance of having a niche and being hands on in your business.
  • Starting a Home Bakery - Tips on how to start a bakery out of your home. Discusses the importance of obtaining city and state licensing
  • Starting a Home Painting Business - Tired of working for someone else? Start your own home painting business. Read this article for tips about how to start a home painting business.
  • Starting a Mobile Detailing Business - This article discusses how to get a mobile detailing business up and running. Learn about the importance of customer service and repeat business in this line of work.
  • Starting a Newsletter Business - Provides advice on starting a successful newsletter business. Gives tips on deciding a on a niche, rates, distribution, etc.
  • Starting a Photography Business - Discusses steps to take when establishing company as a photography business.
  • Starting a Travel Agency - This article looks at becoming a home based travel agent as a means to entrepreneurship. Learn about routes you can take to get your business up and running.
  • Starting an Inflatable Bouncer Business - Discusses the popularity of inflatable bouncers and how to start a small business with just one or two of them.
  • Success in Your Network Marketing Business WITHOUT Selling - This article highlights ways to be successful in network marketing. You don't have to approach friends and family and sell them the opportunity. If you are beginning to sell jewelry, candles or purses, this article will help you find customers without bothering your family!
  • Successful Postcard Marketing - Gives tips on how to design and distribute your postcards in order to achieve a successful postcard marketing campaign.
  • Taking a Vacation When You Own a Business - Advice on how you can take a vacation if you own and operate a business. Stresses the importance of notifying customers ahead of time and taking your vacation during times when your business is usually slow.
  • Telemarketing and Your Mortgage Business - This article explains the importance of having an abundance of qualified leads for a mortgage business to be successful. Get advice on the type of lead to select as well as choosing a company to buy them from.
  • The Advantages of TV Advertising - Discusses the advantages of tv advertising and it's effect on the audio and visual senses of viewers.
  • The Advantages of Vehicle Advertising - Explains how vehicle wrap advertising can be used to increase your company sales. Discusses the benefits of this being a passive and creative form of advertising.
  • The Perfect Trade Show Booth - Explains how to get the attention of trade show visitors and encourage them to stop at your booth. Discusses the importance of a good display, visitor interaction as well as other important techniques.
  • Top Selling Flea Market Items - Highlights top selling items to sell in your flea market business. Explains how selling accessories to go along with these items will maximize your selling potential.
  • Trade Show Staff - Gives advice about selecting and properly training your trade show staff. Stresses the importance of being professional and being prepared.
  • Use an Auto Responder Course as a Promotional Tool - Gives detailed ways to use an auto responder course to get more traffic to your site and ultimately sell more products.
  • Use Business Networking and Save Money - Discusses the advantages of using business networking to promote your business and save money. Highlights avenues you can use to get starting with your business networking campaign.
  • Using Door Hanger for Local Marketing - Look into the usage of door hangers as a marketing tool for your business. Learn about the benefits of using it to advertise your business locally.
  • Using Forums to Market Your Business - This article discusses the use of online forums as a way to get free targeted traffic. Also learn about how to make use of a systematic approach to effectively do your forum posting.
  • Video Marketing Ideas - Learn important information about the use of video marketing to promote your business. Read this article for ideas on what style to shoot your video in to get results.
  • Water Bottles for Summer Marketing - This article highlights the use of reusable water bottles as a summer marketing tool. It also explains how this product is often overlooked.
  • Words That Sell - This article highlights words that are the most effective when marketing your business. Using these "power words" will help to increase sales, keep your existing customers and gain new ones. Words that sell are key to a successful business.
  • Writing an Effective Telemarketing Script - This article highlights the necessary components to an effective telemarketing script. Learn tips on how to close and make a sale even if customer responds with a "no."
  • Writing Good Subject Lines for Email Marketing - This article discusses the importance of using tempting and relevant subject lines in your email marketing campaign. Learn about the key components needed for an effective email subject line.





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